Don’t interfere in others matters before they asked for help. What is our opinion is,  our way is best way, our logic is best logic. We criticize those who are not agreeing our thoughts.  We stick our nose always in somebody’s matter.  Such thinking ignores the existence of individuality. Thus, implicitly rejects the existence of God. Because God has
created each one's has own individuality. We cannot able to see two men exactly thinking the same. All men and women are working in their respective channels. Because God is on their way to go to push each and every day.

Keep concentration on your own work, then your mind will be quiet.  Forgive and forget is a very powerful drug for peace of mind. Normally we developed bad impression about those who harm and insulting us. Lead us to the creation of mental deficiency and also reason for stomach ulcer, blood pressure and insomnia. We should avoid the development of bad impression. Let enriched our mind by love and by giving and forgiving.

Don’t expect for approval. The whole world is flooded with selfishness. Sometimes they praise others to get their own needs. Perhaps they may praise you today, because the giving power within you. But, perhaps very soon, you may be nothing; Then, they may forgetting your achievements and start to find faults. Why you are expecting the approval of these kind of people. The approval of those kind of people will harm us.

Do not be jealous. To what extent is envy and jealousy affect our peaceful mind is that all of us experience! Than one who is working with your office, you know that you are a hard worker; But sometimes they get a pay rise and promotion; May not be available to you.  You may start your business several years ago, but may not be successful. But someone started now and they may be successful. One can see many examples like this in our daily lives.

Change yourself according to the surrounding
If you try to change your surroundings and you're alone defeat in the race. Instead, you have to change yourself to live like surroundings suitably. If you do so, you are able to see the pleasant change in the surroundings.

Tolerate the incurable things
This is a wonderful way to change evil attitude. Daily we are not in control of the numerous problems, diseases, burns and accidents meet. If we are unable to control them or to replace them, we will definitely have to learn how to respond to wonder. We are evolving towards tolerating them to learn.

Do not do the actions beyond your power limit
To achieve this important requirement is often better recall. If we do, we can often take a disproportionately greater responsibilities. It's affecting our ego satisfied. Make sure you know what the limit is. Why should we take comfort concerns excessive overload?  Not able to get the peace of mind when you increase the outer actions. World  communication, at the expense, greetings, meditation, and spend more time in introspection. Restless,  which will reduce your mental thoughts. Loads less depressed, more peace of mind making.

Do meditation regularly
Meditation and internal study to offer peace of mind and as well as relieves the troublesome thoughts. At least half an hour to meditate daily, if possible. Such a practice has made before, as shown will not disturb your mind so easily.

Do not let the mind blank
A famous saying is empty mind is devils work place. All evil habits are formed in the empty mind. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and useful things. However you can achieve a satisfaction. Even if it takes the rest of the body, at times, close your eyes healthy by reading the name of God wholeheartedly, it will be good to your heart.

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