If we traced human history back into the indistinct past, we would reach to a stage where man was not self-conscious about himself. That was a stage of evolution when only instinctive man existed, but the self-conscious man had not evolved. Stages passed since then with the unfoldment of his inner forces, layer by layer, and the day came when he realized that he could think. It was the first great discovery he had made. The awakening of his inner sense was the beginning and the basis for all the future development of human race. He discovered himself, he discovered brain, he discovered mind, and he discovered different aspects of thought. He knew he was thinking and he knew where the thoughts came from, but he could not find the thinker. He experienced the effects, but could not find the cause. But he believed that there was a thinker, even though it was invisible. And the journey continued. ……From his ability to think, from the intelligence of his brain, and from the imaginations of his mind he created the great epic of life.  

Mind and Brain

Mind and brain are different, but are closely related. But most people do not find much difference between them. They believe that mind and brain are one and the same and they are inseparable. But we know brain is a physical organ of our body, having specific shape and definite mass, composed of blood vessels and nerve cells. We can see it and touch it; of course not our brain, but other’s brain; and we can study it too. But, what about our Mind? It has no form, it has no shape, it is there, but we cannot see it or touch it, but we can experience it. Yes, the same phrases, we used to describe God. But don’t be mistaken; mind is not God; but God is there in Mind; if not, beyond it; because we cannot bring the Infinite God down within the limitations of our finite mind!

Simply speaking, the Brain is hardware, a very complicated system; and Mind is software, a complex program. One without the other is useless. They cannot exist independently. Brain is the name of a change. Mind is the name of another change. Change is the name given to their actions. When we change our minds, the brains change their states. Change is the nature of everything in this nature. Mind can be considered as the expressions of thoughts, emotions, perceptions, imaginations, memory and reasoning. All these activities take place in the brain, which is the center of the nervous system, but are manifested through the mind. Through our Mind we become aware of our awareness. Mind is referred to our consciousness. Through our mind we feel and through our mind we think. But thoughts are not things; they have no size, they have no shape.

Thought is Energy

As per quantum physics everything in this universe is in a state of vibration. Everything constitutes of vibrations of energy. Thoughts are not exceptions. Thoughts are also vibrations of energy that have significant influence in our life. But, unfortunately, we are less conscious of our thought processes. We rarely watch our thoughts. We notice everything else that is external, except our thoughts that are internal. We eat and drink, we work and relax, we laugh and cry, we love and hate, we sleep and dream; but we are least bothered to spend a moment to glance at our thoughts; we neglect the most powerful force in our life.

Maintain Good Habits

As per Newton’s Law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That means every event is caused by what had already happened. Every effect has a cause and every cause is itself an effect of a preceding cause. We can change every event in our life if we can look into the cause, and the cause is really the way of our thinking. If we think positive thoughts we get positive results, and if we think negative thoughts the results will be negative. Either positive or negative thoughts will prevail at the same time, but not both. Thoughts depend on our habits, and that is the reason why we should maintain good habits in our life.

We can train our conscious mind to direct our thoughts towards a definite target. We will attract success or failure depending on where we focus our thoughts. We should train our conscious mind to think thoughts about happiness, wealth, and success instead of any negative thought and this habit of positive thinking will lead us to a better life what we dream.


Subconscious Mind

In addition to our conscious mind, we have a subconscious mind, the mysterious source of power hidden within us. When the conscious mind sends its predominant thought patterns to the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind will interpret on these thoughts, it will attract to us necessary circumstances and conditions, and act upon the thoughts that will be in vibration with the universe, and materialize the reality, thus making us available of what we thought about.

The subconscious mind will not discriminate or evaluate the thoughts that are impressed on it by the conscious mind. It will not care whether the thoughts are positive or negative. It will produce success, wealth and health; and in the same manner it will produce failure, poverty and ill-health. The seeds of thoughts are the deciding factors and our instructions are the magic mantras. We will reap what we sow!!

The subconscious mind never sleeps; it is always working incessantly without taking rest for a single second. Once it starts processing our thought patterns the subconscious mind delivers us the result, either through our dreams or through reality. To get the desired result, our thought programming in our subconscious mind should be in alignment with the vibrations of the universe. When the conscious mind transmits its thought patterns to the subconscious mind for processing and acting, if there exists in the subconscious mind some programming of the opposite nature, then there will be no alignment with the universal vibrations. In such cases our desires will not materialize.

Everything we achieve in our life has its effects on us in both the conscious and the subconscious level, because whatever inputs we get through our senses are fed into our subconscious mind. Depending on our activities we will enjoy happy thoughts or suffer nightmares.

We are responsible for what we are now. Every day, every moment, from the time of our birth to till date we are being programmed. Every thought we have thought, every word we have spoken and every action we have done have created some impressions in our conscious mind, which is then sent to the subconscious mind, where it is processed to create a reaction, which will manifest immediately or will be retrieved from memory at a later stage.

Our subconscious mind does not know what is good or what is bad; it just processes whatever data it receives and produce corresponding results. If we were conscious of our subconscious we could have prevented negative thoughts from entering into our mind. Still, we can reprogram our subconscious mind feeding it with good thoughts, good affirmations and good visualizations, that will lead us to a world of abundance and happiness.


We can access to our subconscious mind by the practice of meditation. In our normal level of consciousness the brain patterns function in Beta frequency. But in meditation, the brain frequency slows down to alpha level, at 7 to 14 cycles per second, and subsequently to theta and delta level during deep meditation. At Alpha level, we are in a deep state of relaxation and it is the best time for programming our subconscious mind for success, using affirmations, visualizations, imaginations and suggestions. Thoughts fed into the mind at this level will become manifested. Regular meditation will improve our memory and sharpen our mind, and we will learn how to watch our thoughts.


The past is gone. Future is yet to come. It is the present moment that matters. Live it. Stop nurturing your past memories. Your subconscious mind does not know about past or future; it doesn’t know what is right or wrong; it does not any humor or sorrow. It is your partner; it is your obedient servant, following your instructions to convert your thoughts into reality. Think positive thoughts and attract positive people and situations that will give you a positive life. Avoid negative thoughts and avoid negative attractions. Instead of creating thoughts of worry, create thoughts of merry. Be confident; your subconscious mind is with you, waiting for your thoughts and beliefs, always at work to bring you what you want and when you want.

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