Honey is not only sweet but is also used as medicine for wounds. It is not only a favorite food for bees but also is good food for humans and animals such as elephants and bears. It has a pleasant taste. Its goodness does not end with its special flavour, but it is filled with medicinal qualities too. It is a natural medicine. Honey is also rich in nutrients. Natural medicine celebrates it as a good medicine.

It is highly useful in our traditional medical systems and is called as a honey therapy. Ancestors discovered honey as a good medicine. We believe it is good for stomach problems. Honey has been used as medicine since ancient times to treat injuries. Greek and Roman countries are well known countries using the honey extensively. T

Scientific Information:
Some studies suggest honey cures Friction injuries,  shallow cut injuries and other type of injuries. But you should keep in mind it is not good for deep injuries, varicose ulcers and insect bites.  Some studies described honey attenuates severe infections.

How Honey helps heal ulcers?
•  honey reduces pain of ulcers.
•  providing a comforting feeling.
• it is helpful for the production of new healthy tissues.
•    Helpful for the growth of healthy skin.
•    Honey is a strong acetic character
•    This helps prevent germs growing.

These above are the clinical studies and decisions.
How honey can heal
What kind of features that can help you recover wounds by honey?
1.   The high intensity of sugar is available in honey.
2.    Low moisture content and the honey’s nature will help prevent you from germs.
3.    Gluconic acid produced in honey and its combination with hydrogen will catch the germs and prevent lice.
5.    Honey has the ability to soothe inflammation of the wound.

How much quantity of honey is needed to heal wounds?
Some medical reports have claimed that a thin layer of honey is enough to cure the wound. However, many other medical statements have claimed that a very thick layer of honey is needed to cure the wound. There is no consensus between them.
We can clean the wounds by honey instead of Dettol.
Burn Wounds
Honey is used to cure the wounds because of fire.
Burn wound caused due to hot water and  oil heals quickly with honey,  it immediately lowers the pain. It also cures mouth sores.

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