Winter is a season of cold, cough and flu.You can fight the flu season this winter by taking some precautions. Following points will show how easy it is to fight flu and related disease during winter. 

Take multi vitamins

Multi vitamins like B-complex, Vitamin C, D and E are good immune boosters. Specially Vitamin D help the body to fight off the cold and reduce the risk of other infections. 

Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly

We all know vegetables and fruits are healthy and nutritious for our body. They help to develop the immunity and fight against the illnesses as well. However such fresh produce carry some bacteria and viruses that can cause harm to our body. Hence thorough washing of vegetable and fruits would help to get rid of these infectious agents. Keep the vegetables and fruits in warm water for at least 5 minutes after washing them thoroughly. It will avoid the contact with bacteria and viruses. 

Consume Yogurt

Yogurt contains specific strains of bacteria which acts as probiotics and helps to prevent the bacterial imbalances on our body.  Some research studies have shown that tha eating yogurt daily reduces the risk of catching infections. 

Drink ginger made tea and fluids

Fresh ginger has capability to reduce the risk of respiratory infection. Even if you have already got the respiratory or throat infection, ginger tea helps to fight back the infection. Your symptoms will reduce drastically if you start eating fresh ginger. Some people don't like having tea, they can just add ginger pieces in hot boiling water and drinks that water once or twice a day. Also keep your body hydrated, at least 7-8 glasses of fluid or water every day is necessary. 

Consume fish 

According to the research study, increasing your Omega-3 intake can stimulate the production of infection fighting cells which can help protect from certain infections. Fish has Omega-3 in large quantity. Broiled, baked or curry fish adds Omega-3 and keeps you healthy. Avoid eating fried fish as it may worsen the condition.

Moderate exercise not Vigorous workout

Moderate workout stimulates the production of epinephrine, which constricts the blood vessels in and around your mucous membrane and relieves the nasal discomfort. However vigorous exercise may worse the condition. Complete lack of workout can make you lazy, tired and drowsy. Hence it is safe to workout moderately. 

Wash your hands

Keeps yous hands sanitized by washing them regularly especially after using restroom and prior cooking food. We have tendency to touch our face, eyes or other people when we shake hands, etc. Infection can transmit by mere touching your eyes or face. If your hands are not washed these germs will transmit to other body parts and will increase the risk of infection, especially respiratory infection. 

Pranayam for nasal blockage

Pranayam is a practice of controlling your breath. The breathing techniques of Pranayam improves the oxygen supply to our body. One of the Pranayam breathing technique useful to prevent respiratory infection is breathing through right nostril and left nostril is blocked by your thumb and exhaling through left nostril slowly by blocking the right nostril with your thumb. Repeat this exercise 5-6 times every day. 

Take required medication

Do not procrastinate the doctor's visit. Get yourself check by a doctor when symptoms are mild and take required medications to avoid further worsening the condition. 

Take 8 hours of nap

Regular 7-8 hours of sleep is very essential to keep you healthy and fit. Less than four hours of sleep at night can alter your immune response and potentially increase the inflammation.  For better night sleep, avoid smoking and alcohol at night, use dim light bulbs and watch or listen soft music.

These are some of the ways you can avoid falling sick during this winter. Respiratory problems are usually very common during winter hence above tips should help to reduce or overcome such issues. 

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