Manicure is skin care procedure, followed to clean the hands. Yes, it is clean-up of hands; just like facial is, of face. Just like, facial follows some step by step procedure, to clean and rejuvenate face; similarly do, manicure do follows, a step by step procedure.

Manicure is costly, if you get it done at beauty parlor and you does not know, which brand product, they are using; of which quality, whether expired or in date. Hygiene of their bowels, in which, they put manicure cleansers; is also not accurately confirmed. So, it is better to have your manicure done at home; if you have plenty of time to do it. But, if you do not have plenty of time, to get it done at home; then you have no other option, other than; to get it done at parlor.

So, question is, if one have plenty of time, to do manicure; then, what is procedure to do it, at home? Well, for that I am describing below, simple and easy home manicure tips; which you need to follow, step by step and they are-

1st step is, to use hand cleanser- Yes, 1st you need to do, basic cleaning of your hands; after that you can proceed with, next deep cleaning step. Now question is, which cleanser to use? Well it is 2 step procedure. 1st you need to, put 1 teaspoon of black salt, in small tub of lukewarm water and put your hands, in it for about 15 minutes. If you do not have this salt at home; then you can go with common salt available at home; the amount to use is same that is, 1 teaspoon. Next step is, cleansing cream, which are available in market, in manicure kits. Choose according to, your skin type. Massage the cleansing cream on your hands, for about 5 minutes and then, clean the hands, with moist cotton.

2nd step is, to deep clean hands- Yes, in first step, you have done basic cleansing, of hand with cleanser; in 2nd step, you need to do deep cleansing of hand, with hand scrub. Now question is, what kind of scrub, you need to use? Well answer to that is, you can use any of the scrub, apricot or walnut scrub. Now, the market is flooded with, oats based scrub. But, walnut and apricot scrubs are easily available, everywhere and also, best in deep cleaning. Walnut scrub is best, only thing required; use that of, good brand or can make it at home, by grinding walnut, with little amount of milk. Massage with any of the above mentioned scrub, for about 5-7 minutes and then, clean with moist cotton.

3rd step is to rejuvenate skin, with skin rejuvenating hand pack- Yes, like in facial, there comes a step, in which, you apply face pack to your face; similarly, do come in to your hand, in manicure procedure. Apply the rejuvenating cucumber and aloe-vera based hand pack, available in manicure kit, on your hands; for about 20-30 minutes. But, if you do not have, one at home; then, can you make one at home, by mashing cucumber, with aloe-vera and apply that on your hands; for about 20-30 minutes and then, remove it with moist cotton. You can use green apple based, papaya based hand pack too or can make one at home, by mashing them.

4th step is to nourish the hand skin, with hand moisturizer- Yes, next step after rejuvenating hand skin, with 3rd step; is to nourish it with deep cream based, shea butter or almond or coconut based hand moisturizer. If you do not have, any one of them, at home; then you can use coconut oil or almond oil, to moisturize your hand skin.

Last step is to protect hand skin, from harsh ultra-violet rays of sun- For that you need to apply, a thick sunscreen, with SPF ranging from 15-20, on your hand skin for a couples of minutes prior, exposing your skin to sunlight

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