Hair loss is the great concern for many people now days and finding hard time to battle the hair loss problem. As most of us are aware that hair loss could be due to any reason like hormonal imbalance, heredity, poor diet , stress etc. There are many home remedies to help hair loss problem now a days and can be tried at home with out opting for expensive treatments. Home remedies do work for some people but one need patience to see the difference with home remedies as it might not show quick over night results which  we dream for. 

Today i'm going to share a home remedy which i personally tried and tested to help hair growth. Its a simple home remedy which can be found in the kitchen for every day use and one need not take special efforts to find the ingredients. The two simple ingredient which is going to help hair loss problem is Red Chili powder and Olive oil or Coconut oil. The long red chili variety also known as cayenne pepper is mixed with olive oil or coconut oil and should be applied on scalp. It does give slight but bearable burning sensation on scalp which naturally stimulates blood circulation on scalp and helps hair to grow faster.Im going to explain how to use this hair pack in step by step procedure.

Red Chili Hair Pack:


1. Red chili Powder - 1 tea's spoon

2. Olive oil or Coconut oil - 100 ml 

How to apply :

1. Mix one tea spoon of red chili powder with 100 ml of warm olive oil or coconut oil.Please not do not make the oil hot as it might burn the red chili powder. 

2. Let the oil blend sit for one night. This oil can be stored on jar for long time.

3. Next day before hair wash with the help of cotton ball apply this hair oil all over the scalp for 10 min, if you wish let the oil soak on scalp for up to an hour.

4. Use a mild shampoo to wash the hair

5. After hair wash, when the hair is still damp ,apply few drops of coconut oil  on scalp and hair to prevent dryness.

Use this hair pack once a week. And within one month you can start feeling difference with the hair fall and this pack also helps with the  dandruff problem as well. Please do patch test before trying this home remedy as it might not suit everyone and also avoid using this home remedy if have any skin problem on scalp.

Personally this hair pack helped me to retain my hair as I was facing severe hair loss problem. One of my friend did see difference growing hair even in the bald patch after continues usage of three months. Home remedies along with healthy diet helps with the hair loss problem.

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