The immediate treatment given to injured or sick person is called first aid.

The condition of the injured person can be prevented from getting worse before any medical treatment. Some times it saves life of an injured man. You should properly learn how to give first aid before giving it to any one.

Nose Bleeding

You can give first aid in case of minor injury like slight burn, insect bite, a small cut or a nosebleed. Wash small cuts with water. Apply any antiseptic cream. Tie bandage to prevent bleeding.

In case of nose bleeding, hold it for 7-8 minutes between thumbs and finger till it stops bleeding. Put ice in a cloth and apply it one the nose. This will stop bleeding.


Home treatment can be given in case of slight burns. Major Burns should be attended by doctor. In slight burns, put injured part in cold water or apply ice on it for 25-30 minutes. Clean bandage should be wrapped around be burnet area.

Serious injuries

Insect bites are treated by applying ice over it or keeping it in cold water, in case, of serious injuries, do not move injured person. It can cause more damage. In such a case, immediately after first aid, look for some help or call a doctor. Be calm till help arrives, injured person should be made comfortable by sitting or lying down.

Things to learn

· First –aid means the immediate help given to the sick or injures person.

· Accident mostly happens when we are careless.

· We must follow safety rules at home, in school, on the road specially.

Take care

· Rubber mats or bath mats should be used in shower to prevent slipping.

· Do not touch geezer or electric switches with wet hand while standing bare foot.

· Running on stair can cause accidents or bone- fracture. So avoid running on the stairs.


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