What many do not know passengers, the air in the cabin from the engines can be contaminated with chemicals. Some seals are broken on the engine, get burned lubricating oil particles in the air, smoke or fumes coming into the cabin. Filter into the cabin air supply, which could prevent it, there is not.

In smears from the interior of passenger aircraft residues of the toxic tricresyl Additive (TCP) have been demonstrated. Many of the passengers, but pilots and cabin crew to complain about health problems, to chronic nerve disorder, are unable to work and must abandon their profession.

TCP is a nerve poison, which damages the electrical connections of the nervous system, which can lead to paralysis, dizziness, headache, fatigue, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, limb and muscle pain.

The inhalation of toxic gas oil within an aircraft cabin is known as "Fume Event" (Eng. vapor incident), the resulting disease is called "Aerotoxisches syndrome".

For many years, this issue, the airlines, aircraft manufacturers and the regulators is known, but nothing happens, because the cause is due to a fundamental design flaw. Instead of taking clean air in the cabin directly from the exterior, it comes from the jet engines will "bleed air" or called Bleed air. One would have the air supply in all passenger aircraft converted completely or to design entirely new aircraft to correct the cause.

Mir has often noticed the smell of oil burning in the cabin, but I never would have thought that the air coming from the engine. Whoever thought up this system at aircraft and engine manufacturers and approved by the aviation authorities, is an irresponsible idiot. That would be just like when you take the air with all burning residue from the exhaust in the car, just because it is warm.

Actually, you should refrain from air travel until you can breathe cleaner air as a passenger actually guaranteed. We should keep the airlines say they will be boycotted until it can occur any damage to health. Only when pressure from the public comes and it hurts in Gedbeutel will change something.

As with the cigarette packs would have on each ticket are the words: "Flying is bad for your health!"

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