If we are forgetting things frequently it can be controlled by following some systematic ways. If we forget things then it does not means we’re having Alzheimer.

Exercise : Make it a daily routine to exercise. It will help to give energy to brain . Exercise will help in bringing more oxygen to brain.

Brain Games : Now a days there are lot of brain games available. Brain will work with doing games like puzzles, Sudoku , finding out way etc.

Debates : Debates are a very good source of energetising your brain. There are people who thinks it is  better to stay away from  debates. But this is not good. One should take part actively in good discussions and debates. This will keep your brain active. This also will help to increase the responsiveness of brain.

Avoid T V : Television is a good source towards laziness. There is no physical or mental activities involved while watching television.

Fruits and Vegetables : A food with lot of fruits and vegetables will strengthen the functioning of brain. So give importance to fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Cod liver oil : cod liver oil has a very good hand in enhancing your memory. Use it as a part of your daily diet.

Fruit Juice : If one drinks fruit juice atleast 3-4 times a week, then ther is less chance of affecting with diseases like Alzheimer. Poliphenole’s in fruit juice will act as anti oxides and thus helps to control diseases.

Take more Curry : Compared to people in western countries, Indians take variety of curry with their food. A study has revealed that he reason for less number of Alzheimers patients in India may be because of this.

Vitamins : memory related problems are found less in people having controlled diet with more vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E which are available in rich with leaves, pulses etc should be included in your diet.

Control Cholesterol : Have food with less cholesterol, take exercise daily, take medicines for regulating cholesterol can control the cholesterol of your body. This will help in improvising the functioning of brain.

Control Obesity : Obesity is yet another cause of memory loss. Such people are found to be attacked by Alzheimer in beginning of their old age. By controlling your body mass will help to stay away from such diseases.

Control Blood Pressure : Memory loss can be controlled by controlling oily food items. Give more importance to dry and liquid food in your diet.

Control Mental tension : Heavy Mental tension will cause damage to your brain cells. Stress will affect your memory in deep.

Limited sleep : medical science suggest at least 7-8 hours sleep for a person. When brain get rest it will stimulate hormones that control ageing.

Meditation : Meditation is a good way of improvising your mental functioning. If possible meditate for at least half an hour daily.

Good Thoughts : One’s mental state is a very important factor in decided his age and happiness. Always give importance to positive thoughts in your mind. Stay away or rather discard negative feelings.

Reading : Reading is very good exercise for brain. It will enhance your knowledge and also health to your brain.

Writing : Writing is one of the ways to stimulate brain. Make it a habit to write some thing daily.If you’ve nothing to write then at least try to follow diary writing.

Listen to Music : The right half of brain is center for you artistic and sentimental feelings. Music helps in stimulating this side of brain.

No to Drugs : Drugs damages brain in very fast pace. It will damage our brain cells.

No to Drinks : Drinks will only help to lose control of your mind. Extensive usage of drinks will leads to damage of brain and memory loss.

No to Cigarettes : People smoke extensively are tend to get affected by Alzheimer. This is as per a study conducted in western countries.

Start Liking Changes : If we can bring healthy changes in our daily routine it will help to improvise your brain functioning. You can achieve this by changing the positions of your house hold articles, by including variety and different food in your menu etc.

Organized lifestyle : Always try to organize your daily activities. This will not only help in saving time but also to skip from mental tensions. This is a very good means of improvising mental functioning.

Good Relations : Always spend at least some time with your good friends, family etc. This will stimulate and provide happiness to your brain.

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