Vitamins are life of your eyes and eyes are life of the vision. There are many ways to improve one's eyesight and as well avoid any possible diseases like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.. The following lines will help you realize the magic of vitamins for eye health.

Eye Health Vitamins:


Chromium plays a vital role in muscle contractions and this helps in focusing our eyes effectively. This is very important for near point tasks, such as working on computers. Hence, taking a considerable dosage of chromium in one's daily diet leads to less stress for precious eyes and it also aids in having good focus. It is mainly present in eggs, chicken, liver, bananas, spinach, apples and green peppers. So start gulping those golden bananas with hot creamy chicken dishes while working on the computer.


At the time of world war II, the Great Britain air force pilots used to eat bilberry jam which aided in improving their night vision as they went out for evening sorties. Cranberry and bilberry are very closely related.They consist of bioflavonoids that increase the reformation of rhodopsin, which is a purple colored pigment and is used  by eyes' rods. It helps in desisting diseases like vision loss at older ages.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid:

It is a type of anti-oxidant that helps desist cell damage. As cell damage generally leads to pterygium, macular degeneration and cataracts that can impede one's vision. Alpha-Lipoic acid also aids in recycling vitamins C and E and thus makes it far more effective. It is mainly available in chocolates, red meat, red wine and blue berries.

Copper Gluconate:

Copper is a very important element in having healthy cell membranes and it also aids in generating hemoglobin. Blood is the medium through which oxygen is carried to eyes' most sensitive tissues. This is a good vitamin for eye health. It is present in good quantities in nuts, beans, whole grains and organ meats. These are some of the essential vitamins for eyes.




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