One of the most common problems among children are eye diseases. the list starts from common allergies, infections, irritations and possible changes in regular vision of the child. This article deals with a few such common eye problems like conjunctivitis and  how to overcome such diseases.

Viral Conjunctivitis:

It is generally known as a pink eye and is an infection that is caused because of virus or bacteria. Conjunctivitis caused by virus leads to the redness in one eye, but sometimes in both of the eyes and causes an uncomfortable watery discharge. Such discharge is usually cloudy or plain watery. And, sometimes it may also involve an infection in child's upper respiratory tract. There are special drops which are generally available in general local drug stores which helps reduce and remove the inflammation. Washing the infected eyes with lukewarm water may also reduce the irritating symptoms of infection. 

Bacterial Conjunctivitis:

Conjunctivitis that is caused by bacteria also leads to a similar type of red-eye which is generally accompanied with matting of eyes and a yellowish or greenish discharge. By immediately visiting a doctor, one can get rid of the yellowish discharge in 72 hours. However, the redness of the eye could continue up to a couple of days more. Always make sure to clean the eyes of the child before applying any kind of topical medicine. The pus around the child's eye can be removed by using some wet cotton balls and a glass of warm water. Removing pus is important in order to let the medicine work effectively and as the presence of pus can lead to infection among other household members. It is very important that the child maintains a personal hygiene materials like bath towels and wash clothes. Encouraging the child to not to rub on the infected eyes can reduce the duration of infection. A doctor prescribed antibiotic can be used for the treatment of infection.


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