If you have had a blood transfusion before 1992 or abroad tattooing, piercing, or have undergone dental treatment, go for yourself whether you have run no risk of infection with hepatitis-C. Because hepatitis C is a serious disease which can lead ultimately to liver cancer.

Hepatitis C is a serious disease involving an inflamed liver. Most people who suffer from this infectious disease experience no symptoms. But that hepatitis C is not less severe. Twenty-five percent of patients will eventually have to deal with a damaged liver. You can get from liver cancer.

How can you be infected with hepatitis C

You can get the disease if you are infected by someone else. This happens because the blood of the infected person's blood is a healthy person. This may be through an accident, a contaminated needle or something like a dirty razor. But you will not be contaminated by normal contact such as kissing or hands. Sex also gives only a very small risk of infection.

Am I infected?

The following items would have led to an infection:

* Given blood transfusion received before 1992, because after that date control of hepatitis C was possible.

* In countries where the disease is common: tattoo or piercing, surgery or transfusion, dental treatment, undergo circumcision.

* Hard drugs used materials from someone else, such as needles, snorting straws, etc.

You can thus prevent infection by not coming into contact with the blood of others, no razor blades for others to use, only a virtue piercings etc. to be affixed. And always ask if there are working in a sterile medical treatment abroad. Areas where hepatitis C is relatively high: almost all of Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Spain, South America, Indonesia.

Take action

If you are infected with hepatitis C are usually not that noticeable, and only a blood test can show whether you indeed have the disease among the members. But it is of utmost importance to establish the disease. Because the liver can be affected and this can occur many years after the contamination occurred. Treatment is of utmost importance to avoid that at one point seriously ill and therefore also can not infect others. So if you suspect you might have become infected, for example because you're abroad under dubious circumstances have undergone a medical treatment, consult your doctor. The doctor will then probably undergo a blood test in laboratory or hospital.


Compared to earlier treatment of hepatitis C has improved. The therapy consists of taking pills and getting the required injections. Usually the disease after a half year of treatment under control.

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