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Very often you might have thrown away a burning cigarette from your fingers just to show the level of frustration or dissatisfaction over a certain thing or during a trifle quarrel with friends and colleagues. But the question is that can you quit smoking? The answer is simple, yes you can quit smoking. Only people of low moral or will power cannot quit smoking.
Is it really tough to quit smoking?

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** According to the World Health Organization’s survey, among every ten people who drinks alcohol only one make it a habit and drink regularly. Besides, among every ten drug edicts only four take it regularly. As far as cigarette is concerned, among ten people who smokes, nine of them get accustomed to it and smoke on a regular basis.
** Smoking is such a harmful habit that among ten persons who smoke, three of them cannot quit it.
Those who smokes from an early age, say fourteen to seventeen years, it becomes impossible for them to quit this habit very easily.
According to a big cancer rehabilitation center those who went to seek their help in the pursuit to quit smoking from 2005 to 2010, thirty percent of them dropped out and didn't returned to them after their first visit.
How much harmful smoking is?
Certainly, when anyone smokes two types of substances enters their body. One is gaseous by nature while the other is very much related with tar. The gaseous portion consists of around thousands substances. We might be thinking now that the gaseous portion is most dangerous in nature but in reality tar is considered to have maximum danger.
Tar consists of nicotine and this harms us the most while smoking. The quantity of nicotine in a particular cigarette varies from 0.5 to 1 milligram. When we smoke, nicotine mixes with our blood and mind. The dopamine gets released from the transmitter of our brain and this gives a feeling of excitement with energy to smoker. Very soon, smoking becomes a habit and very hardly one can get away with it.
Nicotine not only grasps the smoker but also compels him to smoke. The smoker while on his way enjoys smoking and goes on with it. Now, the different harmful substances related with smoking effects his two main organs, namely, lungs and its cells. The first one is known by the name of Cancer. The other one is known as Pulmonary disease.
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** According to the stats and figures gathered from World Health Organization, forty percent of people are dying because of cancer with smoking. By 2020, this figure will sore up to one crore.
** Out of the total number of people who dies between fifty-five to sixty years of age, among them one out of forty succumbs to death through smoking.
** In India, out of the total number of people who dies from cancer almost half of them succumbs to death just because of smoking.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease or Heart Disease.

** It is a fact that the alveolar cells of lungs gets destroyed because of smoking. When we breathe in, the oxygen gets collected in those cells and then it reaches heart. The heart in its turn purifies the oxygen and then distributes it throughout our body.
** When we smoke the alveolar cells gets destroyed in such a way that it could not collect oxygen. The overall functioning power of the lungs gets effected and slows down in process. Slowly, a victim reaches towards his death.
**Those who are effected with these disease cannot take oxygen freely from the air. They easily gets tired due to the lack of oxygen in body. They cannot climb stairs and even stops in between walking. They breathe very heavily even after a slight physical exertion.
When the disease reaches its proximity, one cannot even walk properly. Henceforth, they lead their life as a physically challenged or a disabled person.
Does Medicine Works?
** Medicines does not work in these cases because of the presence of harmful substances in cigarette tar. It is responsible for destroying all the important cells of lungs.
** It is also responsible for destroying the essential albumen protein of our blood which is so vital in proper functioning of body. Albumen helps in transferring the lipid type of foods within body. Moreover, medicines, foods etc reaches the appropriate places in our body through it. When albumen gets destroyed lipids get deposited within blood and therefore medicines don’t work properly. Very often, we find doctors giving strong doses of medicines to smokers so that those work within their body.
Heart Diseases

heart disease

** After causing harm to the blood, Para Benzoquinone reaches heart and starts destroying cells over there. The cells in the heart are as such that once they get damaged never repairs. This process is known to be Epicurus and Mic roses. As cells get destroyed the heart stops functioning. Veins in lungs gets blocked and the victim is effected with heart disease. This condition in medical terms known as Myocardial infection.
** Besides, cigarette is also responsible for the occurrence of Acrolysis. The lipids, in this case, get deposited in heart valve and the victim meets his death.
** Survey reveals that every year about one crore twenty lakhs people dies because of heart related diseases throughout the world. Among them around thirty percent people dies because of cigarettes.
Diabetes and Hypertension


** Smokers have a fair amount of risk to get affected with diabetes because smoking itself is responsible for creating insulin resistance within our body. Insulin does not work in case of smokers. Recent surveys prove the fact that smokers stand for 15 percent chance of getting affected with this disease.
** Those who are already affected with diabetes smoking is very dangerous for them. It is very difficult to control the level of glucose among diabetic smokers.
** Smoking always bears the high risk to get affected with hypertension. According to doctors, chances of getting affected with hypertension is 25  percent more among smokers.
Bone marrow disease or Myelodysplastic Syndromes 
The harmful substances of cigarettes enters the bone marrow thereby destroys red and white blood cells. It is even responsible for creating harmful cells. This disease is known as Myelodysplastic syndromes. Doctors say that it is the previous stage of leukemia. Unfortunately, as of now there is no cure of this disease.
Almost in 30 percent cases, patients suffering from Myelodysplastic syndromes also gets affected with leukemia and blood cancers.
Kidney Disease.
To tell you the truth smoking also affects our kidneys. If one is already suffering from kidney diseases then only God might help such patients. If such patients smoke then they will get affected with Nephropathy and later on this lead to chronic  renal failure.
Eye Disease.
eye disease
Smoking could lead one to another disease called Tobacco amblyopia. The optic nerve of the eye dries out in this disease. They very power of eye sight or vision becomes too weak.
Besides, the retinal nerve also starts drying and problems like retinopathy begins.
Life Span

life span_decrease
If luckily one is not affected with any of these diseases then chain smokers because of the very habit of smoking from a long time could loose five to six valuable years of their life span. Cigarettes are known to be the life span decrease rs.
How to quit smoking?

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Very often then not smokers have the habit to light up cigarettes whether they are in tensed or relaxed mood. Smoking cigarettes becomes a part and parcel of their lives. They could manage to forget anything on a given day but not smoking. Many of them claim the fact that they have successfully quit-ted smoking and some really do it. Now let us go through some hands on tricks on how to quit smoking successfully.
# Go for any other brand of cigarettes rather than the one you are accustomed with.
# To start with buy only a few cigarettes rather full packets.
# Do not keep match boxes and lighters with you.
# Always make sure to count how many you smoke on a given day.
# When you feel like smoking and cannot help it, try to take something else. There are toffees and chewing available in the market to give away smoking.
# Increase your daily intake of water to keep the level of it balanced in body.
# Try to keep yourself busy in activities like reading books, listening to songs, surfing the net etc.
# If someone offers you a cigarette, just say a clear cut No.
# Avoid company of those person who smokes a lot.
#Take it as a challenge and quit it.
# Just think about those person who quit smoking and thereby leading a hale and hearty life thereafter.
# Finally, save your hard earned money and try to do something constructive with it.
Quit smoking through medicine
Survey sheets prove the fact that only ten percent people can quit smoking or any other tobacco through their will power and wish. It is also a bare fact that those who are in the process of quitting goes through a phase of severe physical and mental problems. To get rid of these problems nicotine tablets and chewing gums could be used. Nicotine tablets from two to four milligrams could be taken for a good effect on a given day.
Benefit of quitting smoking

benefit of_quit_smoking
## Within 20 minutes or so your blood pressure and pulse rate would come back to normalcy.
## Within eight hours, level of carbon monoxide in your blood decrease while the flow of oxygen would increase.
## Within a day the risk of heart attack decreases to a great extent.
## Within two days, level of nicotine in body would vanish and the overall functioning of lungs improves by 30 percent.
## Circulation of blood throughout the body increases abruptly.
## The very sense of taste and smell improves to a great extent.
## Risk of smoking related diseases like heart attacks and cancer decreases.
Real life experiences

shankar mishra
One of my friends, Dr. Shankar Mishra, recalls those days when he used to smoke minimum four packets of cigarettes on a single day. Now he says, it has been five years that he left the habit of smoking and he is very proud of it. The reason behind quitting smoking is his physical trainer who once asked him to quit it totally. From that day on he stopped it and concentrated only on yoga. Now he is ripping huge benefits in terms of health and mental peace. He is really an example in my friend circle.
There is another instance of quitting smoking. This time a female and one of my colleagues. She was a chain smoker and she could not live without smoking. It has been now more than a year that she stopped smoking permanently. She told me last time she decided not to smoke only after meeting her life partner. He urged her to give up smoking and that was the last time when she threw it away for forever. She added, that there is no place of cigarettes in her life now and she is happily settled.
There is another example in contrast to the above two examples and this time my friend’s uncle shares his life time experience. He laments about the fact that he could not quit smoking and hence lost some valuable things in life. He blames himself for it. He points out the fact that he and other smokers who cannot quit smoking in their lives are very coward by nature. They have very less will power and self belief. They will surely pay a heavy price for smoking someday in their individual life.

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