We cannot bear scarcity of anything which we much need. In the same way brain also cannot bear, when the nerves in the brain gets contract and blood won’t circulate for some parts of the body then those parts won’t work properly. Sometimes anywhere in the brain the nerves may slightly cracked and start bleeding.  If any of these 2 cases occur then the finally it leads to paralysis. This disease has a power to collapse healthy person by making paralyze. The paralyzed person’s organs like hands, legs and mouth. They will see hell with this disease. So it is better to know about paralysis and take some precautions. Let us know about them now.

The paralysis attacked by brain, it creates a horrible tsunami in our brain as our brain is the main organ which control our body. So in our brain nerves creates problem. Due to this, half of our body may get paralyze. The organs which are under the control of the nerves which got affected will be stop working. For example, the nerves related to the hand get affected then hand will get paralysis, if the nerves related to eyes get affected then eyes will get paralysis. If the nerves related to brain get affected then you may lose your memory. Actually this paralysis problem occurs suddenly but if we take little care then we can easily avoid its occurrence. Let us know how to take care.

Things which we can change:

                        Mostly paralysis cause due to High BP, Smoking habit, Diabetes, Having more LDL cholesterol, having more triglyceride, having stomach, heart problems, having variations in heart beat. So you need to change all these and take care then we can get rid of occurring paralysis. Having breathing problem in the sleep, having no physical exercise to body, intaking huge amount of salt, taking drugs, Dehydration are the reasons for paralysis. Due these all problems we may get paralysis. That means problems create a problem. So As all these problems are smaller then the paralysis disease. So we should take few precautions which occur all these problems, so finally we can avoid paralysis occurrence.

Things which we cannot change:

            How much the age increases the risk of paralysis also increases. The paralysis risks mostly seen in men and the people who have born with less weight. Even genes also plays a main role in occurrence of paralysis.

Therefore, protect ourselves from the attack of paralysis is in our hands.




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