There are so many diseases out there that we are not even aware of. All we know is some common diseases like heart failure,cancer, Aids and so on ,which a normal person would know. But did you know that sometimes all these diseases happen at the most terminal stage ,thats why its sometimes not treatable because it has advanced to the maxmimum stage . Most of this uncommon diseases which im going to discuss here are sometimes very hard to recognise . People usually ignore muscle pain ,joint pain and all that and after a point of time it leads to some other deadly disease which might not be curable. So here are some of the diseases which are not yet familiar to common man


our body has a definite immune system which produces antibodies when it senses that a foreign substance has entered our body. Our immune system defends us against millions of bacteria, viruses  ,toxins that attack our body .Our immune system works very stealthly, we might not even notice its importance unless something goes wrong.For example you catch a cold ,when one of the viruses get past the immune system. your skin might never heal if your immune system never does anything. Aids is a condition where immune system totally fails, thats why even the slightest cold can kill you. Without the immune system your body is vulnerable

So now that we have established that our immune system is quite important and it only attacks antigens ,so what exactly is lupus then?If your immune system is underactive ,then you might get all sort of diseases as mentioned above,but what happens if your immune system is hyperactive? A kid who is very very hyperactive has no control over what he's going to do .Sometimes he might hurt his friends or he might hurt his enemies. It doesnt matter because his brain is so worked up that he no longer can differentiate between his feelings . similiarly a hyperactive immune system has no control over what it is attacking or what it is supposed to defend. It mistakes the healthy tissues in our body to be antigens and attacks the same. This results in deterioration of your muscles

So the possible symptoms of Lupus include

  1. Muscle pain
  2. Joint pain
  3. skin rashes

In the most advanced stage it might attack the heart, your kidneys might shut down and it might affect the brain too. The sad part here is the doctors have no idea what causes Lupus. Surprisingly women seems to be affected by LUPUS more than men


Trace amounts of copper is needed for the proper development of our body ,just as we need any other minerals. Mostly our body acquires copper from food and excess copper is eliminated through bile-A substance created in the liver. But in wilsons disease the liver is unable to eliminate the excess copper and the copper accumulates in the liver. Instead of eliminating it ,it is directly released to the blood stream.This can damage your brain, kidneys etc and in most severe conditions it causes liver failure. Wilsons disease is treatable . Again here the cause is your genes, so if your ancestors had them ,then you most likely will. A significant way to identify this disease is the copper shade ring around the cornea


This is the rarest form of disaease and most often it is very difficult to diagonise. Again this is  a genetically inherited disorder. Histiocytes is the cell that fights infections and injuries. In this disease this cell multiply dangerously and infiltrate the bone marrow and it is distributed itself throughout the body. The cell multiplication can be mistaken for cancer, but chesters disease is not cancer .The disease first affects the skeletal system , specifically the bone marrow. As a result lesions can be found in the bones .In more progressive stage the disease can manifest itself in nerves, eyes , heart brain etc. This disease is so rare that it is very difficult to diagonise, sometimes people can go for years without proper diagonosis


This again is a deadly genetic disorder . Its main cause is due to the acquirement of a faulty gene. If your parents have this disease,then there is 50 % chance that even you might get it. In this type of disease the nerve cells in the brain gets damaged progressively. Huntington disease exhibit its symptoms in the early adulthood but quite often its mistaken for something else. The early symptoms include clumsiness, balance problem , movemen coordination etc. After that it becomes difficult to move ,swallow. Sometimes people cannot recognise their family members . In other cases they wont be able to express any emotions. The sad part is there is no cure for this disease. There is no treatment to slow down the disease either.


Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes virus. This virus is common ,but many people are not even aware of it. Herpes is a long term disease. Sometimes people may carry this virus even without recognising the symptoms. Even if the symptoms does occur it is in the form of blisters in the rectum or the anal area. Herpes is highly contagious, it can be transmitted to other person through close contact ,most effectively sex


This is also a rare multi disorder in which benign tumours start developing in brains and other areas. It mostly affects the brain causing behavioural problems, learning problems and development disorder and so on. The tumours can develop in kidney heart skin and so on . Sometimes it affects the vital organs and it can lead to severe health problems .There is no cure for Tuberous scelrosis , but treatments can help

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