What is Gum diseases

For preventing gum diseases, you have to know the exact meaning of gum diseases. Today, gum diseases affect every class of people. Weather they are grandparent or teenagers. Many factors are responsible for gum diseases. Chances of bleeding, severe pain and tooth loss is common with people suffering from gum problem. It looks embarrassing. Gum diseases or periodontal diseases are a kind of infection that affects the supporting bones for the gum and the teeth. It condition becomes more critical when left untreated. The most common sign is bleeding. Many people ignore it. As a result, they have to pay for ignorance. During hard brushing, bleeding is common. If bleeding does not stop even after brushing, reason is abnormal. We have to consult with a dentist as soon as possible. Your teeth may fall. Never ignore the problem related to your gum. You have to protect your teeth. It will give you a good look as well as necessary for your existence.


Gum diseases - Its causes

For preventing gum diseases, you have to find causes of gum diseases. Plague buildup is major causes of gum diseases. Plague deposited on your teeth and gum in the form of sticky stuff. This sticky stuff is full of germs. The Plague bacteria produce toxins stuff that affects your gum. At last, it will damage your gum and teeth. Plague starts damaging your gums as soon as gums become red in color.  At last, your gums swell and bleeding start. As a result, teeth around affect gums also affected and lead to a serious problem.

I mention natural tips for preventing gum diseases. All tips are easy to execute.

1. Brush your teeth properly.

For reducing the impact of Plague, you have to brush thrice in a day for 5-6 minutes. Prefer to use a soft brush with bristled head. Using hard brush is not good for your teeth and gum. Brush your teeth vertically not horizontally. You may use a tiny-headed electric toothbrush. It is very helpful for your gum and teeth.

2. Proper flossing

Flossing is very important for your mouth. Never miss it after brushing. Brushing is not sufficient for removing plague from tiny holes. Flossing removes plague from tiny holes.  Dentists also support flossing. This technique is very useful for preventing gum diseases.

3. Avoid Sugar

Sugar attracts bacteria and sugar causes plague on your teeth. As a result, you may suffer from gum diseases. Suppose, you like sweets, you have to brush every time you eat sweets. You have to take care that no instances of sugar are left. Bacteria flourishing has to stop.

4. Vitamin C - Good for Gums

Stronger gums mean lesser prone to gingivitis. Daily consumption of Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system of your body. Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C per day in your diet. Vitamin C resists bacteria growth as well as strengthens your gums.

5. Take Co-enzymes Q10

It is very useful for increasing tissue oxygenation. CoQ10 is very useful for quicken the process of gums healing suggest by dentists. CoQ10 is available in the form of capsules from 60-100 mg. It is very useful for reducing bleeding and gum inflammation.

6. Tobacco is not good for Gums

Smoking is injuries to health and increases the chances of periodontal diseases. Healing process is slowdown by smoking. From today, say goodbye to smoking. It will save you from gum diseases.

7. Fruits and vegetables are good for you

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. Damage tissue is regenerate by antioxidants. Some raw vegetables and fruits clean your teeth too.

8. Consult your dentist on regular basis

In many case, periodontal disease is unnoticed by patients. As a result, patients are unable to prevent it as easily as prevent in basic stage.  At this critical stage, you need an appointment with a dentist. Dentist has dental tools that can easily find your problem. Your dentist detects the hidden problem in your gum and solves it. You need to visit him on a regular basis.  You look beautiful and healthy, if your smile is healthy and free from any gum diseases. For preventing gum diseases, you need to clean your teeth properly and regularly and improve your eating habit. 


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