Many women during pregnancy get affected by diabetes. Proper care and medications can control diabetes and child born will not get affected by it.

Diabetes can prove to be dangerous in pregnancy. Diabetic women during pregnancy suffer from mental stress and tension. They often fear of the fetus that's developing in their womb and thus this leads to depression and creates mental imbalance in them. In such situations, husbands should take special care of their wives. As per doctors recommendation such women should be given special care which can control their diabetes as well as can protect the fetus.

Special Care Of Pregnant Women:-

All the 40 weeks of pregnancy are important. This is because development of fetus takes place in this duration. First 12 weeks of pregnancy are very important and special care should be taken. Precautions should be taken during this period. Control of diabetes is essential during this period. This is because in the beginning, fetus needs essential nutrients in more amount from mother. By controlling diabetes, child can be saved from various disorders.

Before entering into pregnancy, diabetic women need not follow a very strict regime. If blood sugar level before pregnancy is kept under control, then controlling it even during pregnancy is not very difficult. If a lady takes insulin for the control of diabetes then after pregnancy she has to follow a good diet and insulin dosage should only be taken under doctor's prescription.

Initial Precautions During First Trimester Of Pregnancy:-

During the initial phase of pregnancy, pregnant woman should eat food in proper amount which can fulfill their as well as their fetus requirements. For this, they can follow a diet chart. This will ensure necessary proteins and calories essential for them and for their developing fetus. Lady shouldn't eat very less nor in very large amount. Her weight should increase by 15-20 pounds within few months. Her diet should be such that it should not increase the ketone bodies in her urine.

During pregnancy, personal care, blood tests, urine tests are very essential. During pregnancy, glucose level can increase in urine to some extent. For this, one need not worry. Regular eye check up and kidney check up should also be done. Most of the ladies go for monthly check up during their pregnancy. In the last few months, this check up has to be done weekly. This can rule out all the scopes of complications that could occur during child birth.

Precautions During Middle Phase Of Pregnancy:-

During the middle of pregnancy, fetus in the womb develops fast. Thus, during this period level of blood glucose should be kept at normal range. During this period, hormones are produced in large amount. Thus, diabetes has to be brought into control. In third month, fetus in the womb produces hormones which nullifies the effects of insulin. In such condition, diabetes can only be controlled by medications. This kind of complaint gets cured once child takes birth.

Before pregnancy, women in following conditions should go for blood sugar tests:-

  • If there is a history of diabetes in family.
  • If age of women is above 25 years.
  • If earlier she had given birth to dead child or child with overweight.
  • If she is on oral contraceptives.
  • If she earlier had complain of sugar in urine.

If a women is dependent on insulin, during pregnancy her insulin requirements increases by two to three times. During the middle phase of pregnancy women sold go for ultrasound tests for the diagnosis of fetus development.

Last Trimester Of Pregnancy:-

During last phase of pregnancy, doctors do recommend some extra tests. Such tests include diagnosis of blood sugar, urine sugar and some hormone tests. These tests are done until child takes birth. Heart beats of the fetus in womb and its development is diagnosed regularly. During last days of pregnancy 1-2 ultrasounds tests can also be done.

Complications Of Diabetes In Pregnancy:-

During pregnancy, women can experience some complications like toxemia, kidney disorders, swelling etc..... Some women also experience high blood pressure after conceiving. After child birth, blood glucose and urine tests of mother should be done. After delivery within few days, requirements of insulin decreases. Both mother and child should be kept under doctor's prescription for few days.

Conclusion is, if a pregnant woman is diabetic or else if diabetes develops during pregnancy then there is no need to fear about anything. Under doctor's supervision and by taking proper care even a diabetic woman can give birth to a healthy child.


Some children right from childhood are affected by diabetes. These kids live like normal kids and spend their childhood easily. They go to schools, travel, play sports, participate in competitions and do other activities.

Causes Of Diabetes In Children:-

Nutrition plays an important role and helps a person to get rid of various diseases and disorders including diabetes. But in case of kids, diabetes does not occur only due to deficiency of nutrients. According to American scientists, along with nutrient deficiency, this disorder also occurs due to attack of a microbe responsible for causing diabetes.

If a child is a little grown up then he can understand conditions he is going through and can face this disease. He can take some precautions. Few kids are weak. They often feel hunger and thirst and they urinate frequently. Such kids should be subjected to diabetic tests. Few kids when they near the age of 15, they develop diabetes. In kids, excess of their weight is not responsible for diabetes but, sudden decrease in weight is responsible for causing it.

How should diabetic kids face the life?

Diabetic kids irrespective of boy or girl right from beginning should control diabetes for leading healthy life. For control of diabetes they need to learn to follow good diet, control their emotions, exercise regularly and go for sugar tests regularly. Families who follow healthy diet and exercise regime regularly do not have to face trouble in controlling diabetes in their kid suffering from it. In family if any kid has  a complaint of diabetes then he should not be made aware about it if he is too small to understand about the disease. By regularly making him conscious about disease can increase mental stress within him and this can increase problems in his life. If insulin injections are given to kids then the kids go through pain and suffering during and after pricking of injection. Parents should not exaggerate these conditions as it might develop inferiority among kids. Diabetic kids should not make excuse of diabetes for not going to school or for not studying. Even parents should not be over protective if their kids are diabetic affected. For diabetes whether oral medicines have to be taken or insulin will be decided by doctor himself.

How much should diabetic kid eat?

Every kid individually differs from other kids and each and every kid has his own necessities. Physician will decide nutritional requirements of a kid after going through his or her blood sugar report. Irrespective of whether a child is diabetic or not has habit of eating snacks in between meals. Doctors decide the amount and type of snacks for the kids who are dependent on insulin. If a kid eats snacks then the amount of food he takes in his meals should be decreased. Diabetic kids can also be given cheese, butter, raisins and other dry fruits but in restricted amount.

Exercise and sports:-

Playing is as good as exercising. Kids when play sports, run, hop, automatically they are subjecting themselves to exercises of one form or the other. This regulates their blood glucose level. Thus for kids, indulging in playing and various sports is very essential.

School activities of diabetic kids:-

Diabetic kids should regularly go to schools. It is responsibility of parents to make aware their teachers with the disease their kids are suffering from. This will ensure that teachers will not take much time to know about the disease when the kids are in critical conditions. Teachers thus can provide candy, toffy or any sweet entity to kids when the sugar level in blood starts decreasing or when a kid starts feeling dizzy or becomes unconscious. If child does not become alright in 10-15 minutes then he should be taken to the nearest hospital. Even kids shouldn't hide regarding their medical conditions from their teachers. School authorities should know about diet, exercise, insulin dosage and medications of all the kids suffering from diabetes.


Kids are enthusiastic to travel. During traveling, diabetic kids can carry along with them diabetic kit. This kit has to be kept in a cool place. Kid should know the insulin dosage as prescribed by his doctor. While traveling, kid should take special precautions regarding his health and diet. He should take care and should be aware of whether his blood sugar level is increasing. He should carry along with him food stuffs to eat which does not increases his blood sugar level. Away from home, it becomes essential to take special care of diabetes.

In this way, a diabetic child without any mental stress can spend a good and happy life if taken certain timely precautions.

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