Children usually grow the way they have to. In most cases, children follow a particular genetic pattern. The children usually sometimes are very short when they lack a particular growth hormone. This is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland of the body. Parents should visit a doctor if they feel there is something wrong. Hormone treatments are the best cure to such problems.

A second opinion always helps. Try to go to another doctor and find out the cause of the lack of growth. If the child has a deficiency of growth hormone, therapy should start at an early stage. The treatment works well when it is given to older children and younger people. The risks of growth hormone are not yet known. The main purpose of giving a growth hormone is to have a good self image about oneself.

A bad uterine growth is also the cause of a short child. A baby could be small due to a lack of blood supply in the placenta It could be short due to a uterine infection. Premature babies could be short. Children should not be overfed. Growth hormone is not recommended by many doctors yet it has to done in consultation with the doctor. Height and weight are genetic.

If your family has short people then the child could inherit these genes. If you add the height of the mother and father by inches and then divide by 2 then add two and a half inches for boys and subtract two and a half inches for girls. This would be the height at maturity.

It is a rough estimate yet would give you an idea how much the child could grow. Diet also plays a major role in maintaining the height and weight of the individuals. Diet with lot of fat and calorie food would cause a change in the growth and development of the person. It is better to have healthy food and not worry over small problems.

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