The standard treatment for any child with ADHD includes education, and good counseling. Parents of children with ADHD  need to focus on these children more and try to meet up to the requirements of education and counselling. Standard treatment is inclusive of education, medication, training, and counseling. The symptoms may be eased out but they cannot be cured. Stimulant drugs are the most common medications that are prescribed for ADHD.
Stimulants balance the levels of the brain chemicals. These show a good sign and improve the problem of inattention. Thus, hyperactivity results in treatments like these, which are long drawn and tedious for the child.

Hyperactivity leads to fatigue and the child gets exhausted fast. Sometimes hyperactivity results in fatal results
Children are given stimulants for reducing the hyperactivity and are seen to meet with death. Possibility of sudden death is possible and if it does exist, then people have to be careful of children having this problem of hyperactivity. Some children who are hyperactive are seen to show many suicidal tendencies. Make sure that you protect the child from such ill effects.

Therapy and counseling are a must for children with ADHD or hyperactivity. The psychologist and the behavior therapist would help to solve the problem on the whole. At other times, there are children who have problems like depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks if they have this basic problem of attention. Children lose their self esteem due to the sudden outbursts that happen t them and t times then it does. Children with Hyperactivity problems get More aggressive Children with hyperactivity problems can show more aggressive streaks.

Such children usually do not know what they are reacting and how. These children would be taken in for a round of counseling and taught how to deal with their problem. On the whole caring for a child who is hyperactive is really challenging. Parents could suffer due to this behavior and thus the hyperactive behavior has to be corrected immediately. The hyperactive child could also pose problems for the sibling. Siblings are affected by the overall behavior of the child.  The child is usually calm but lacks attention so this could affect the child greatly. Structuring the child’s life could ensure that the child does not show the attention problem.

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