Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that can be corrected by contact lenses, eyeglasses, and surgery. Astigmatism is usually by an eye, which does not have a complete round shape. This is a kind of refractive error. It usually occurs in every person to a certain degree. Any problem of vision due to astigmatism can be rectified with the help of contact lens and glasses. There are many vision correction procedures that help to treat the bad eye. Astigmatism is a common cause of blurred vision. People with this problem usually have a blurred vision. It has connections with eye strain and fatigue.An eye exam would help you determine if you have astigmatism or not.

An eye doctor helps to diagnose if there is astigmatism or not through an eye exam. Astigmatism also occurs when there are problems of far sightedness and near sightedness. Astigmatism can increase slowly so it is better to go to an eye doctor regularly. If you have any changes in vision, do visit an eye doctor. All problems of astigmatism are usually cured by contact lenses and glasses. Corrective lens might not be needed if astigmatism is less.

But if the condition is high then corrective lenses are the best options. There are contact lenses called toric lenses, which help to give greater bending power. Refractive surgeries are other ways of curing problems of the eye. These surgeries need healthy eyes and need healthy retinas. Problems like corneal scars, eye diseases can be cured with technological advancement, so you should explore all options. Before deciding a treatment, the right kind of course of action is required. Astigmatism is caused when the light rays enter the eye and are not able to focus on the retina. Usually the front part of the eye is not curved the right way in such cases. The curve is irregular. Astigmatism is also caused due to irregularly shaped lenses. This is usually situated behind the cornea.

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