Refrigerators,gas stoves and televisions are some house old items which needs more analysis before buying as they would not be replaced for the next five to seven years.There are some factors we need to consider before buying a refrigerator.Let us discuss these factors in detail.

Where to place a refrigerator?

1. Ensure that the refrigerator you are planning to buy fits in your kitchen and also your budget.Without considering the space factor never opt for models just because they have advanced features .

2. Always ensure that you have at least 100 mm of space between the refrigerator and the wall.

3. Avoid location of refrigerators near stoves and heaters.

4. Avoid location of refrigerators where there is dampness.

Decide on the model

1. It is better to decide beforehand what model you prefer.There are many models available in the market namely Top Mount Model,Bottom       freezer model,Side by side model,French Model and so on.Also decide on whether you prefer manual defrosting or automatic defrosting models.

2. Disadvantage of Manual defrosting
There is a need to defrost it manually at least two to three days once.Also there is a need to clean the water accumulated in the freezer manually.

3. Advantage of Automatic Defrosting
The new frost control technology keeps a note of the frost level in the freezer and they automatically defrost it when needed.

Choose the color of the Refrigerator

Opt for a color that would suit the place where you are going to set your refrigerator.There are many colors available in the market namely,stainless steel,stainless platinum,black,white,metallic finish and so on.


Give more attention to the storage capacity of the refrigerator.The actual storage capacity should suit your family needs.

Door Open Alarm

Ensure whether your refrigerator has a door open alarm.Often,many people forget to close the doors of the refrigerator properly.Children may often get involved in mischievious activities of opening the doors of the refrigerator.So,it would be better if we opt for a refrigerator with a door opening alarm or the one which would automatically close.Do not allow the children to play near the appliance.They may get hurt or they may damage the refrigerator.

Bio-Fresh Zone

The refrigerator must be capable of keeping the vegetables and fruits fresh for a very long time.


Pay more attention to the technology which is used for cooling.The cooling should be fast. We should also allow ample space between food stuff to enhance air circulation.

Energy consumption

More the energy starts,less the power consumption.It is better to opt for a energy star rated refrigerator to have high efficiency.

Other general tips for buying the refrigerator

a .Ensure the refrigerator bins and shelves are adjustable.

b. The refrigerator bins and shelves must be unbreakable and easy to clean.

c. The refrigerator must have seperate trays and boxes to store vegetables and fruits.

d. There should be ample space for placing big vessels, bottles,milk and tinned items.

e. Ensure that a seperate provision is provided at the bottom of the refrigerator to store food items like ginger,potato and onions which actually does not need refrigeration.The provision should be medium sized.It should not be too big or too small.

f. In case of powe failure the refrigerator technology should be capable of preserving food stuff like curd from rottening atleast for 10 to 12  hours and also prevent melting of ice cubes for some specific time period.

Hope these tips are useful to you all.

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