“Every house speaks.” This imagination regarding houses is very catchy. A building becomes a house only when it fulfills all the necessary needs. Home appliances are more or less alike family members in this world of rush. They save a lot of time is another thing. But they require as much care too. The lucrative advertisements regarding electronic appliances are very common today and so it is really very hard to choose the right one for us. So, it becomes necessary to buy only those that are necessary for you.

Through a series of articles, the proper care tips are being provided to increase the longevity of your home appliances.

  1. Mixer and Food Processor: Once there was a time when Mixer Grinders brought a revolution in the kitchens. It helped women complete their full hour task in few minutes. Then came the Food Processors, that too were no less than a miracle to the kitchens. It is the modern form of Mixer Grinders but they are more useful.
  • Always refer to the User’s manual that accompanied your device.
  • Food Processor can be used to cut vegetables, mix flour and mince meat as well. It can also help in preparing Carrot pudding easily, by grinding the raw carrots.
  • Use weeper for mixing flour, this will cause lesser pressure over the motor and blade would rotate easily.
  • Wash the mixer or Processor immediately after use. Use any good liquid soap to wash. The grain fragments over the blade causes problem to the proper functioning of the machine.
  • Remember that water should not enter the device.
  • Wash immediately the juice jar after juicing. Sweet juice can jam the blade if not washed properly.
  • Never grind big items or big pieces.
  • Always look if the cover s tightly held, before turning on the device.
  • Wash motor with a dry cloth after use.
  • Use different jars for grinding dry and wet items.
  • Never overload the device.


  1. Heater: 
    • Rod heaters are better than spring heaters.
    • Any type of heater be there, keep a look that the wires are not loose. Otherwise any accident can happen at any time.
    • Always be seated at a distance of at least 2 feet. If heater is to be moved, switch it off first.
    • If extension cord is to be used for the heater, remember that extension plug should not be kept on the land.


To be continued in the next article.

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