Every house in India contains a hall, a prayer room (Puja Ghar), 2 or 3 bed rooms, a kitchen. Most of the middle class houses will be in this manner. Their houses will be according to the vastu. 

Let us discuss in detail


Hall is the entrance of our house. Every one keep entrance door in the hall.  Most of the people try have a big hall as hall is the mainroom where most of our time we spend and people or guests who visit our house spend their time in hall. So we should need to maintain hall in a pleasant manner. Marble flooring has become latest fashion now. So daily we need to wipe the flooring with a wet cloth. Show case in the hall should be decorated by placing different varieties of articles in it. Have costly  curtains to the wondows and maindoor. Whatever you use for decorating your hall use all lastest one. Place a sofa set and a centre table in the hall according to the comfortability and beauty of the hall. Then place a flower vase of small size at the centre of the centre table. Fill it with water. Then place flowers in it. Preferably rose flowers. You can even place this flower vase on the stool placing beside the sofa. A table cloth can be placed on cente table. You can even decorate centre table by placing news paper and any unbreakable decorative article. Try to clean the hands of the sofa, chairs and center table every day. Change the news paper dialy. So that hall looks more pleasant and people who visit your house should feel how neat you maintain your house. This creates a possitive impression on you.


This is the place which our health depends. Every thing which is in the kitchen should need to be clean, tidy and clear. You should maintain kitchen in a pleasant manner. So that while cokking we feel more interesting. we should place all required ingredients in a cupboard. we should not leave any dish un washed in the sink. You need to use separate dust bin for kitchen when you can throw the left overs of the people. Preferablely try to maintain dustbin with cap. After the completion of your cooking clean the stove and its surroundings. Everyday clean the dust outside and inside of the cupboard. 

        Clean the refrigerator once in a week. Clean the floor of the kitchen regularly. After completion of cooking oepn all the windows for allowing the cooking smells to go out. If your kitchen having chimney or exhaust fan then there is no need to open all the windows. Clean grinder, mixy, roti maker, oven, snack maker immediately after using them.  When you enter into the kitchen, your kitchen should not smell badly. It is suggested to use stabilizer for refrigerator so that the current can be balanced to the refrigerator and the refrigerator will run for long time. You can even decorate your kitchen by placing a refrigerator cover on the refrigerator and then place a flower vase with special  flowers in it.

           The atmosphere of the kitchen must be pleasant and pleasing. you should feel like cooking. Actually in most of the houses there will be no dining hall separately. So people place dining table in kitchen. If there is a dining hall then we have to place the table in the dining hall. So there is  a necessity to decorate dining table. We need to place a tray containing glasses inverted and jar of water. If there are any adult who need to take medicines before meal. They should place those medicines on the table so that  will not forget. According to vastu. It is suggeted to place a bowl of fruits on the table. As it looks fullfillness of food. Therefore, we will never get scarcity of food by the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. It is also suggested according to vastu the sink in kitchen should not filled with unwashed dishes. Because Goddess Lakshmi does not like untidiness. Or else she will leave our house. We should place table mats on all sides of the table. After dish washing wipe all the dishes using a kitchen towel which is dry. Because the wetness attracts bacteria very soon and easy. Every food items on the table and in kitchen must be covered with plate or cap. Cover every electronic device which you use in the kitchen with a cloth. 

        Place energy drink powders and vegetables in refrigerator. The energy drink powder gets haden up. If they are exposed to the air and the fruits will not be fresh for long time. But don't ever store meat in refrigerator for more days. As it is not good for health. Boil milk before sleep or place it in refrigerator. But never leave milk outside. As the milk  may get spoil.

        Try to use dark tiles for walls and dark color flooring in kitchen. 

Place a candle stand and spoon stand on the dining table. Therefore, there will be no necessity  to search for spoons while eating. If your table  is a rotating table . It is really good. we can place all the prepared dishes on the table. People can serve food very easily by themselves by rotating the table. It will be so interesting. children love such tables. If your have children then start thinking differently. Purchase the things which encourage your children. Make your children happy and let them feel interesting. For example choose a bowl which is fish in shape and serve food to them in it. Get any cartoon picture or animal picture spoons. By seeing those your child will feel so happy and without your interference they will have food by themselves. 

Bed Room

A house contains a master bedroom and children bedroom. Though it is a master bedroom or children bedroom or guest room but they must be maintained neat and clean always. Never throw your clothes on your bed. Always try to paint your bedroom with white color. Both master bedroom and children bedrooms contains study table. According to the vastu never place mirror  around your bed. It is believe that the part which is seen in the mirror while sleeping will definitely have surgery in future. Place  the picture of lovely couple Goddess Radha and Lord krishna in the master bedroom. So that the relation between wife and husband will like the understanding and lovely relation of lord krishna and Radha. Never place puja room in children's room. Because it is not good according to the vastu as it will delay your child's marriage in future though your child may be a boy or girl. Always maintain your bed clean with bedsheet spread properly and curtains to the windows. According to vastu keep 3 sides way to the bed. Always keep the  bedroom close. According to vastu don't ever place water at the northeast direction in your house.

Children room

Children bedroom must be clean and neat. Never keep cup board door of the books open. According to vastu keep a glob at the north east direction. This will create interest in children to study well. In most of the houses while operating doors sound comes. These sounds create negative energy. So add little oil at screw. Therefore, no such sound comes. We should try to get more ventilation into our house. Place the bowl of water with red flower at the north west direction. It is believed that lord siva will bless us. Arrange a light at the north east direction and always lighting. As it is believed that the north east is a holy place.

          Place a tulasi plant at your coridor. It is believed that the Goddess tulasi will protect us nad our house from evils. Apply turmeric and red powder to the door. Always keep  maintain the center of the house clean as it is known as brahma sthanam. Then everyone in the family will be happy. When you want to perform your daughters marriage then don't let your daughter sleep in south west side room. As this room does not let girls go out of the house. People should always sleep keeping their head in south direction. 

          Place water tank at the southwest corner of the terrus. Construct stair case at the north west corner only. Always keep your house with more lighting. If your bathrooms are attached bathrooms to your bedroom or hall then always keep its door close as negative energy shows its effect. while having food then also try to close the bathroom doors which are nearer to you. Always arrange the furniture in such a way that your house look much spacious though your house is small or big. 

        Never attach cupboards to the walls which are adjacent to the bathrooms as there will be chance for the pest to attack. Always maintain washrooms neat and clean.

    when we  maintain our house neat and clean then Goddess Lakshmi love to stay in our house. We have to maintain our pooja ghar clean. The things which we use for prayer, wash them daily. Maintain a separate dustbin with a cap for the dust bin of prayer that is flowers etc. Always keep clean, the outside near the entrance of your house  clean and decorate with rangoli. IT is believed that Goddess Lakshmi Devi love  rangoli and she come into our house. 

      On special occasions  we decorate our house with flowers at the entrance and walls of our room. Flowers are natural things so they will be offered to god and for occassions houses are decorated with flowers and mango leaves for positive energy and for pleasant look. Giving dhoop to whole house also creates positive energy.


small house -http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0c/Tiny_house%2C_Portland.jpg/220px-Tiny_house%2C_Portland.jpg


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