Home is where your heart is. An ideal home is a place where you feel yourself. So finding a home is an adventure so enjoy the process. Here are few tips:An Ideal Home

  • Create a mental picture of your ideal home. Write down the specific requirements on the basis of priority.
  • The budget. Chalk out a budget considering the amount of home loans available to you and other financial factors. If you have any mortgage or other types of loans consider that too. So your house should cater to your budget.
  • Location of the house. This is very important. You have to keep several factors in mind. For e.g. how far is your workplace from your home or how far is your kid's school. Availability of markets, commutation, nearby hospitals, medical stores, shopping malls, and so on. Also the locality for e.g. the kind of neighbors you have also is an important factor.
  • Lastly finding a suitable real estate agent who will help you in your search for your ideal home. There are several sites where you can easily find one.
  • Now after you have found and procured your new home you need to find out how much patch-up work and renovation your home needs. After that assess a budget for that. After doing so, now focus on the right furniture, color schemes of the walls, furnishings, home decor and so on that will suit your mood, your taste, your  lifestyle, and as well as your budget. Focus on the rooms and categorize them as per your need. For e.g. your child's room should be spacious enough to cater all his requirements like placement of beds, study table, toy section and play area, etc. You need to give special emphasis to the key areas of your house like your bed room, kitchen and dining room, guest room and so on. Your bedroom for e.g. should be airy and there should be a fresh breath of air and sunlight. Try to keep your home clean and cluster free. Nobody likes a messy house. Try not to overburden your house with excessive furniture. Keep as much free space as you can. It will help you to move freely and attend to your guests. An ideal kid's room

    A house reflects the people living in it. It should reflect the boisterousness of its inmates. It should be the most comfortable place for you to relax and unwind after a day's hard work and spend some "happy time" with your family and friends.

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