We all know that woollens are very useful in winter. They have inbuilt climate control properties which keeps the body warm. They keep the body warm thus protecting it from cold. The winter season in India continues for 3-4 months and the woolen clothes are used only during this period. For the remaining period of days they are not used. So, it is essential to maintain them in a proper way so that they can be used again in next winter.


The woollen clothes contain fibres which have enclosed air chambers in their inner side. The arrangement of cells is done in such a way that the threads remain interlocked with each other.lSince air is bad conductor of electricity, the enclosed air chambers keeps the body warm. Besides its thermostatic property, the woollens do not wet easily. The woolen clothes has some hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules. Due to hydrophobic molecules the woollens do not get wet easily. But if they are soaked in water, the hydrophilic molecules become active and the weight of woollen clothes increases up to 30%. The wet wool is more stretchable then dry. The dry fibres of wool, due to its elastic property, when stretched and relaxed gains its original shape. The woollen clothes are wrinkle free. The woollen fibres has very less percent of water due to which they are used to extinguish fire. The woolens are very sensitive to acids and hence they should not be washed with soda, bleach or any such strong acidic

How to use woollen clothes:

The wollens once used should not be reused within 24 hrs.The sweaters and suits should be kept in hanging position. The dust on the wollen clothes should be brushed using special dusters availbale in the market for wollen clothes.If the wollens becomes wet due to some reason then they should be dried in a dark place. Used wollens should be kept on paded hangers in an airy place so thet the smell of sweat from the clothes is removed. Many times balls appear on used woollen clothes.They should be cut carefully and should not be pulled out because this may cause damage to woolens.

How to wash woollen clothes:

The woollen clothes are not required to be washed frequently because dust do not accumulate on them easily and if accumulated, can be dusted easily. They should be washed once in a year and while washing the washing instructions, if given on the woollens, should be followed. Depending upon the instructions they should be either washed or dry cleaned. While washing, special detergents for woolens should be used. Wet woollens should not be squeezed or hanged. They should be dried by placing them on mat in a cool and dark place so that their shape remains intact.


Drying Of Woolens

The stains on the woollens should be removed immediately otherwise they get absorbed deeply and cannot be removed. If the stain is of any food item, it can be removed by placing tissue paper on the stain and rubbing soda water slowly. If the stain is of ink then it can be removed by immersing the stained part in cold water. The stain of gum can be removed by rubbing a small sponge absorbed in alcohol. Blood stains can be removed by applying corn starch paste and then washing in detergent. Chocolate stain can be removed by rubbing it with sponge immersed in detergent.

Ironing of woolen clothes:


Ironing Of woolens

The temperature of iron should be maintained according to that given on the iron. The woolens should be ironed using steam iron or by sprinkling water. Dry woollen clothes should never be ironed. The woollens should always be ironed on the opposite side. The iron should not be moved continuously on the cloth but should be lifted after ironing on a small area.

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