Check wisely before choosing a house

People generally spend number of sleepless nights before selecting a dream house for them but there are many points to be considered before one can come to a final decision about a right choice. There are certain points, which can make big difference. Here is a quick guide for your consideration-  

Legal points

You should check proprietary right of a property with utmost care including its lease limit and see to it that the property has no disputes or pending cases in any court. The properties in rural areas, where most builders are developing their townships or cutting plots for sale have been acquired from local villagers. In most cases, the villagers have not transferred their rights to the builders through registered deals but only a stamped deal exists, which is not a valid deal. Read transfer papers carefully before making a final deal. 

Check your neighborhood

You must check the locality and neighborhood where you are planning to buy or build a house, as you have to live with those people for years to come. If the difference of cultures or status happens to be big, it would make your life difficult. You must feel at home with people with whom you would be sharing your cultural events, festivals and social meetings. A big difference in mental and social standard would make you feel cut-off from the society and you would feel lonely despite living in a locality full of people.

Check the locality for availability of necessary items

You must also check that you would not have to travel long distances for small items needed to run a household because you would not like to run to buy small items like vegetables or other kitchen related items to a distant market. You should see to it that your targeted locality is not too far from main road otherwise it would make a big difference finding proper transportation services in case you have to use public transportation. 

Safety and security 

You must check its security potential before purchasing a property for residential purpose because some areas are not as safe for families as you would like them to be. It is better to ask from different local residents living there for some time. Safety and security is most important factor especially in present circumstances. You must see to it that fire and police stations are available in the area in case of emergency. Schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing care are other areas, which you shall have to keep in mind.   

Proper natural light 

You must see to it carefully that your plot in question is not surrounded by multi-storied buildings as it may block natural sunlight to your place and in case you are planning to purchase a readymade flat/house, keep its directions in mind as natural light is not only useful for light purpose but must for health also. The natural light provides a positive aura as well, which is a mandatory for healthy and happy living.  

Proper fittings in case of a readymade house

Every one wants a place with enough space and proper natural light where he is planning to shift for residential purpose. If you are planning to buy a house through a builder, make sure that fittings and accessories provided are proper in ever respect. You must ask for a list of such fittings and their qualities before signing a deal because these small things matter too big and cost you a lot if they use inferior quality or not as per their promises. 

You must take every fitting including kitchen, toilets, bathrooms and electrical in detail to avoid yourself problems in future. Ask your builder to provide proper safety from transmission of lightning, drainage system, rainwater management, water storage facility, cable connection sockets, phone sockets space for different antennas etc.

Facilities and charges

HomeIf you are planning to buy a flat in a residential society or building, you have to share it with other residents, where facilities are provided on share basis. You must clearly know about parking space, security facilities, cleaning, commonly used electricity, water charges, water supply, medical facilities besides the other utility services like elevators in multi-storied buildings provided by flat owners association or the builder of the building and monthly charges for the same. It is more important to know these details in advance because most builders try to hide details that make it a big problem later while you get a bill worth several thousand Rupees every month for usage of these facilities plus the EMI of your flat sending your budget out of control. 

It is better to check reputation of builder that should help you know his past record and market presence, which would in turn help you know about his creditability and promises. You must compare costs before taking a final decision so that you shall be able to make bargain if possible as most builders offer special prices in case they have kept their prices high or if the demand is low.    

Take help of technology

Once you have decided to purchase a house/flat, you can ask your builder to go for quality tests before signing the deal finally. These tests are mandatory but most builders do these on papers taking the advantage of lenient supervision of our law enforcement in such matters. You should insist your builder to provide certain mandatory test reports- 

A- Standard Loading Test- This test is conducted to test load-bearing capacity of roof; it is a complicated test but helps in long run. Most builders want to avoid it because if they do not use proper material the building may not withstand the test or damages may take place at the time of testing.

B- There are certain tests - which are non destructive but judge a building’s strength on specific basis like checking strength of beams, checking density of concrete or checking tensile strength of iron used in construction. These tests would make sure that you could live in your house safely for years to come.

You should know about kitchen and bathrooms

Most builders are giving you open space for kitchen so that you can furnish it according to your own choice if so, you should check whether proper ventilation and chimney provisions are there so that you do not have to make necessary arrangements for these on a later stage. Same goes for bathroom and its fittings therefore you should ask every thing in detail and take these details in black and white to avoid future disputes. 


One must plan and see every point carefully before finalizing the deal to avoid confusions, litigations and problems in future. Once you have signed on the dotted lines and paid advance it is difficult to sort out a situation, not impossible though but it is wise to check every possibility in advance because you are looking for a dream home and not a nightmare. 

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