Cleanliness in Kitchen

Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from allergies. They are not trying to know the correct reason of their allergy and having some medicine to cure it temporarily. But they get new problems with these medicines. Different pollution, food, medicines, chemicals cause allergies. The allergies which are caused in home are very important. Because, we spend half of our day at home. When you want to lead life healthy then your house and its  circumstances must be healthy and without allergies.

Regularly you may cleaning the towels and the utensils which you use in the kitchen with detergents. Then also, the invisible bacteria and germs at some corners in the kitchen will cause health problems to the whole family. Cleaning the floor, slab, gas stove, oven, extension fan in the kitchen is not sufficient. But bacterial will be on some small things which we neglect. 

Let us discuss, which places are neglected by us where bacteria is present.

1. Stove

The smoke which comes while cooking will cause breathing problems to the people. When you arrange an exhaust fan above the stove then the smoke which comes while cooking will go out with the help of exhaust fan.

2. shelves /Cabinets / counters

We have to keep the place below the sink and the place near cabinet always dry. While cleaning these places, we have to use the insect destroying chemicals. The cockroaches gets attracted to the food materials and water at the sink and in the cabinet. We know that cockroaches are the main reason for allergies. So it is suggested to place all the food material in an airtight box.

3. Freeze

The power cut is common for us nowadays, especially in summer season. So there is chance of the food material get spoil and due to consumption of such food may cause allergies to us. When refrigerator contains more wetness then we have to clean and wipe it and make it dry. If there is no wetness then fungus does not occurs in the food materials in the refrigerator. The internal walls of the shelves in the refrigerator must be clean with soda powder mixed water.

4. Kitchen sink 

We place all the used utensils in the kitchen sink. if we won't clean them regularly then it may lead to bacteria and germs. So we have to remove the left over food from the utensils and then place them in the sink. Therefore, we can protect our selves from germs and bacteria. After cleaning the utensils, we have to wash them with hot water and with detergent. While washing the utensils with hot water, if we add baking soda in the hot water and wash the utensils then the bacteria at the water let out of sink also will be removed. 

5. knife stand

The main source of bacteria is the wooden things. Especially the knife stands. we should hang the wet knives to the knife stand. Wood sucks the water from knife and cause bacteria. So it is suggested to use steel or plastic knives instead of wooden knives. These knives get dry soon and it is very easy to clean them also. Then there will be no chance of occurring bacteria. We should clean kitchen shelves regularly.

6. kitchen Towels

In the kitchen we mostly use kitchen towels. To hold the hot bowls from the stove, to wipe the tables and dishes we use dish towels. Due to this, bacteria comes easily if these towels contain little wetness. So after using the towels, we have to wash them using warm water and detergent and then dip in dettol or phenol, now dry them completely in the sun.

7. Sponge and scrub

The main reason for bacteria to occur is wetness and wet places. If you want to be healthy then you need to change the sponges and the scrubing in your kitchen atleast once in a month. After using sponges or scrubs, you need to clean them finely and then drain them completely and then let them dry. By placing sponge and dish scrubs in open place they get dry soon. 

  Kitchen tips to cook well 

1. while storing cooking oil, sometimes, it may smell badly. So it is good to add 9 or 8 pepper seeds. Therefore, few weeks the cooking oil does not smell badly.

2. When the ants are coming to the sugar box, then add 3 to 4 cloves in the sugar. Therefore, ants will not comes near to the box.

3. While storing the grams, try to fry them and store so that they does not get spoil.

4. Keep coriander a plastic box and store in freezer, so that the coriander will be fresh for more days.

5. When you want to prepare curd soon then add citrus vitamin tablet or corn powder in the milk.

6. After cutting the apple, wash it with salt water, Therefore, it will be fresh for more time.

7. Before boiling eggs, add salt and vinegar in the water so that the eggs do not break.

8. Before, cutting the cake, keep the knife in cold water for some time. Then cake will be cut equally. 

Shine kitchen utensils

People do not show much interest in shining the kitchen utensils. But if we take much care in cleaning them and shining them. 

1. For having spicy food and non vegetarian we use forks and spoons. So after using them we should clean them by rubbing with soap thoroughly. Then add lemon juice in hot water and now place these spoons and forks in this hot water. Due to this, the smells of spicy food and non vegetarian food will go.

2. If you use strong soaps and detergents for cleaning the steel utensils then there is a change damaging the enamel of the steel utensils.

3. We should wash forks normally, we need to clean them between the teeth of the fork. Because the food materials remained between them may lead to bad smells.

4. While cooking food in steel utensils, the food material sticks at the end of the utensil. It will be tough to clean it. So after completion of cooking, take the food into another bowl. Then soak them in a tub of water by adding lemon juice. After few minutes wash it.

How to clean our kitchen

Most of the people give much importance to halls in their house and they give secondary importance to the kitchen. How much care you take for a hall that much care you have to take for the kitchen. The dust and dirt accumulates and we have spare time for it once in every week. 

         While cooking in the kitchen, the wall which is behind the stove gets stained with the food material which we are cooking. so we have to clean them regularly or else they will look awkward. We can even stick oil paper to the wall and change it regularly. or we can even paint the wall with waterproof paint. 

        It is a bit tough to clean the sink pipes of the kitchen. So mix a cup of vinegar and baking soda in water. Then boil them for sometime. So pour this mixture water in the pipe at night, therefore, the things which are blocking the pipes will flow away. Vinegar and soda will kill the germs. 

      We must clean the dustbins regularly or else mosquitoes and germs will enter and stay. Dustbin should be washed with water at least once in a week. Add ammonia in water and dip a scrub in it and rub the dustbin. Then let it get dry. Now sprinkle boric powder and baking soda in it. so that the bad smell will disappear. 

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