People maintain their house very neatly and beautifully. We should give the same importance to our kitchen. So if you desire to have clean, interesting, comfortable and beautiful kitchen similarly like hall then please follow the below tips.

1. When  you want to peel the skin of the almonds, then soak them in warm water and now we can peel it easily.

2. To avoid ants coming near the sugar add 4 cloves in the sugar. then even a single ant will not come there.

3. Place a plate below the stove, so that when we boil water, milk and any liquids, if they fall then they fall on the plat which we arranged below the stove. So therefore, we need not clean the space below the stove, just we need to take the plate out.

4. While cleaning the fish for making fish curry, add lemon juice to the raw fishes first and then wash them thoroughly then the stickiness will go easily.

5. Always place onions, garlic and potatoes openly at the air moving place and never place onions beside potatoes. 

6. When we cut the onions, our eyes burn and water comes out of them. So before you chop the onion, place them in water for half an hour. then take them out and peel its skin and cut into pieces. Therefore, you will not burn.

7. Always keep the surroundings of the stove clean.

8. wash the used utensils regularly so that it won't become burn later for you to wash.

9. Placing coffee powder in the refrigerator keeps it fresh but the smell of the coffee powder disappears.

10. Never keep the energy drinks like bornvita and boost at room temperature as they gets harder soon. Keep them in freezer.

11. While frying onions, add turmeric powder so that onions get fry soon.

12. Sprinkle boric and baking soda at the kichen corners and at the dustbins and kitchen sink. Therefore, cockroaches and other insects does not enter.

13. In few seasons, you may have seen fruit flies roaming in the kitchen and on the food materials. To avoid such fries, make the powder of the camphor and sprinkle where ever they roaming.

14. At most of the kitchens, lizards will be roaming. This has become common problem for the people who are working in the kitchen. So it suggested to place a peacock feather and the egg cells with eyes and lips painted. Even spider webs also avoid lizards entering into the kitchen and we can use this tip for other rooms in the kitchen.

15. By removing the stems of the chilies they will be fresh for more days.

16. By placing a spoon in the bowl with milk while boiling, therefore, the milk does not stick to the bowl.

17. While preparing any vegetarian or non vegetarian disha and if you added more salt by mistak.e then add few potatoes in the curry. So that the potatoes will suck the salt.

18. similarly add tomatoes for reducing over chili taste in the dish.

19. Some dishes like upma if you added more green chili then add more ghee. Therefore, the chili taste will reduce.

20. while preparing kheer, first boil the samya in water for some time and then continue the process by adding milk.

21. For removing the smells from the oven, place lemon slices in the oven for few hours.

22. Sprinkle salt in the freezer so that the ice will not stick to the freeze.

23.  By adding 3 spoons of semolina in the batter of the dosa, so that while preparing dosa, the dosa will not stick to the pan.

24. While preparing any fries, first heat the bowl for some time and then add oil and prepare curry. therefore, the curry will not stick to the bowl.

25. After completion of cooking, place all the things in their places and clean everything in the kitchen immediately. 

26. Never leave any food material without covering. 

27. Place fruits in the refrigerator but never place banana in the refrigerator as they get spoiled soon.

28. Placing bread in the refrigerator will spoil the bread and even dry the bread.

30. Keep the daily used things near the stove.

31. After the dish washing, wipe the dishes with a kitchen towel. So that no bacteria effect them.

32. The Kitchen is the source of our health. So everything in it must be clean and clear.

33. We need to take care of the exhaust fan by cleaning it once in a week.

34. You can store buttermilk in freeze for more time.

35. when you boil noodles, add 2 drops of oil in the water. So that the noodles do not stick to each other after getting boils.

36. While preparing any  dish we have to add salt. so that the whole dish taste same.  

37. Clean the glass utensils once in a month.

38. Don't ever store banana's with other fruits, because the other fruits will smell banana smells.

39. To find whether the egg is fresh or not, so place the egg in the water. If the egg comes up that means it is not a fresh one. If it stays inside the water then it is a fresh one. If it is at the middle of the water then it is partially fresh.

40. When you prepare any fries, like potato chips etc then place a tissue paper and serve. so that the oil will be sucked by the paper.

41. while cutting robots the stains sticks to your hands, those can be removed by using kerosene.

42. Keep everything ready before night, so that we can cook easily the next morning.

43. When you cook rice in the current cooker. Add an extra glass of water so that it cook well.

44. If you use tap water for cooking, then the food gets cook soon.

45. Whenever you cook food first add less salt and after tasting then add salt accordingly.

46. Never keep your kitchen clumsy by throwing things here and there. 

47. Lemon is the best product which can remove any kind of stain on the utensils especially made of porcellain and pingani.

48. while boiling milk on the stove, if you cover the bowl partially with a plate then after getting boil the milk will not come out.

49. Try to cook the food by closing the bowl with lid. This saves gas.

50. If you want potatoes to boil or fry quick then close the bowl with a lid for some time.  then so quickly they get cook.

51. When you take juice from the fruit, try to have it immediately or else the vitamins and mineral values present in the juice will go away.

52. After preparing juice using a juicer, try washing the juicer immediately or else the leftovers of the fruit on the juice may change into some bacteria. After washing it, wipe it with a clean cloth so that there will be no wetness be in it.

53. while grinding anything using mixy, sometimes food material falls on the mixy. We have to clean it immediately or else it becomes stained on the mixy and will take long time to remove.

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