Separate the glass items in 2 categories, one of the items which are very delicate and the second with the strong items.  Try to clean them with your hands very carefully. If you clean them with soapy water, then there may be a chance of slipping them from your hand. So it’s better to use soft foam or brush. 

While cleaning them it is suggested to use hot water. As hot water removes the bacteria from the glass items. Especially the grease and stickiness which will go very easily. If you use detergent to clean them, then they will shine as well.

Due to the use of hot water, the stickiness of soaps and detergents won’t last for more time. To clean glass items never prefer using thicker cleaners. Because the shining of the glass will become dull. You can use vinegar, lemon, cooking soda to clean them. A pinch of each is enough to mix with soap or detergent and clean the glass stuff. 

White vinegar is an acetic acid. So this can be used to clean anything in the house. Just 2 drops of it on a soft cotton cloth and wipe the glass items and wash them immediately. The glass items will get a new look.

Similarly, we can clean glass items in 2 methods using cooking soda. Fill a tub with cold water and then sprinkle cooking soda in it and then place glass items in the water. Therefore, by using a soft brush you have to rub them and clean them.

By dipping glass items in hot water and later rubbing those with lemon slice, so that the stains and dirt which accumulated on them will go very easily. Moreover the smells of food items and juices also will go away. 

We can even clean glass items using tooth paste also.

If you are cleaning glassware in the sink then don’t clean them directly placing in the sink. It’s better you place a tub and then start cleaning.

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