For me the loveliest place in my house is my Bedroom, the place where I have grown up thinking about the meaning of life and surroundings. That is the room where I have seen the loveliest dreams of my life and that is why when it gets to cleaning it I do it all by myself to ensure that I have the most serene place to sleep in. After all I believe that sleeping is one of the most wonderful things god has gifted to humans. There is no philosophy in my words it is just that I love sleeping. And I know many of us do. Being a working girl takes all of your time and the holidays are mostly spent doing nothing. I had been postponing the cleanup for my bedroom since many days and so this last Sunday I decided I will give a cleanup to my room no matter what. And for all those who have time and again postponed this important chore take some tips from me. And this is how I went about it. 

  •  Made up my mind – this was the first thing I had to do and believe me it will require a strong will to do this. Especially for lazy people like me it can take a long time to get started. 
  • Organized my work – so you have decided to clean your bedroom and give it slight make over. Now keep the cleaning tools ready so that you do not have to run all through your house searching for them at the time of doing the chore. Organizing saves time and the much needed energy of your body.
  • The tools – A vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloth, wiper, liquid cleaner, and basket were the things I took along for my cleaning mission. 
  • The method –
    • Start with your closet. Open it up and put your clean clothes in and the untidy ones in the basket for washing. Pick up all the clothes lying around in your room and after classifying them under the clean or the dirty category put them in the correct place.
    • Now keep the closet closed and then clean the curtains with the vacuum cleaner or do dusting with a cloth.
    • Open up your windows and clean them with a cloth, use a soft cloth for the window pane.
    • Clean all the furniture in your room with the liquid cleaner. If you have a dressing table in your bedroom too then keep your things in it in a systemized manner, like the hair oils and hair accessories in one cabinet, the lotions and moisturizers in a different one. I have exactly done the same way as you can see in the picture on the right.IMG 3163
    • While cleaning the dressing table where most of we girls love to spend long stretches of time making faces and adoring our clothes, make it a point to throw away the expired products or the empty packs or containers that have probably long remained in there since like ages.
    • If you do not have space issues you can keep a small dustbin at the corner of your room so that you do not end up piling up expired things in your room.
    • Is there anything that you think lies useless in your room without being even touched by you? Then do away with it and make space for some other lovely things like a painting or maybe a long painted vase.
    • I usually get bored of a setting over a long period of time, so this time when I cleaned my room I switched places of the objects and furniture in my room and that was quite a makeover. But do not block the entrances for merely changing the setting of your room.
    • The decorative items like paintings or artifacts in your room too need cleaning to add shine to your room. So do not ignore them and make them a part of your mission. Use a soft cloth for cleaning these kinds of items as they are delicate and scratches can leave them looking ugly. For bronze items you will require a bronze cleaner to bring the shine back. The bronze cleaner is available in both liquid and powder forms. This time I have put some new happy paintings on my bedroom wall. I called the paintings happy because all of them are bright and colorful and they reflect positive energy in the room.
    • Do not forget the ceiling fan on top as its blades bear a lot of dust on them on the upper side. Cover your face and keep your height well above to avoid the dust falling to your eyes. Also do not forget to clean the lights in your room too with a soft cloth and after carefully switching the electricity supply off.
    • Once you are done with the dusting put on a bright and clean bed sheet on your bed and wipe the floor with a wiper.
    • Shut the windows now and keep them closed to prevent dust from coming in. My house is exactly besides the road so I keep my windows closed for the majority of the time. It helps me keep my room clean and my ears safe from the noise pollution caused by screeching horns and sometimes loudspeakers too.
    • If you have a floor mattress it is best to dust it at the last outside your room as the dust may again settle on the cleaned objects. I always prefer keeping the floor mattress in sunlight for a couple of hours to do away with the germs.
    • Make sure you have put the door mattress outside the bedroom door. 
  • Once you finish the cleanup it is advised you go straight away to the bathroom and wash the clothes you wore during the work and yourself too.
  • If you get bored in between the clean up chore turn on the music system or plug in your earphones and start enjoying your favorite numbers and see it takes you no time to make the mission you thought was MISSION IMPOSSIBLE very POSSIBLE.

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