Those humming insects! The humming sound is so irritating that we lose our sleep. They suck our blood giving as itching as well as a lot of diseases freely. Mosquitoes are the real villains of many of our health related problems. Earlier it was believed that mosquitoes dwell in busy cities and towns only. But it’s not true. Mosquitoes can be found in any place filled with waste or dirty water. The condition is worse in hot summer and soon after rains. Mosquitoes spread many diseases during rainy season and hence preparations to get rid of mosquitoes should start from our home itself. So, through this article let me provide a few tips to say good bye to mosquitoes forever – a few mosquito control measures.

Let us take care; never allow them to multiply

  1. Even a little water in a plastic cover or coconut shell outside the home can lead to multiply of this species. So, it’s our duty to assure that our drainage system is working efficiently and no pits or ponds formed in our home premises.
  2. Keep vessels outside the home upside down so that water never collects in them. It’s better to check once in three days if water is gathered in some pits, pots or vessels outside the home.
  3. If there are pits or low level places without proper drainage, you should clear it before monsoon. If possible provide proper drainage system so that rain water never stays too long on the surface.
  4. Clean your home and premises regularly and never dump wastes in your compound. If decayed wastes are present in your property, they welcome mosquitoes and houseflies leading to diseases. Clean the bushes and grass around your home.
  5. If you place your waste bin outside the home, put a hole beneath it so that water never stays inside. 
  6. If you have leakage in toilet pipes or pipes outside your home, give it proper care. Replace the leakage taps and should do maintenance work properly.
  7. If you have a pond in your garden or courtyard grow a few guppy. This fish eats larvae of mosquitoes in ponds and never allow them to hatch. It’s the best bio-control device against mosquitoes.
  8. How to protect you from mosquito bites
  9. Mosquitoes are most commonly seen during early mornings and at sunset. Avoid sitting outside this time. Also close all your windows and doors during dawn and dusk.
  10. Use clothes that cover your body completely, but avoid tight dress.
  11. Keep yourself clean and tidy because mosquitoes love smell of human sweat a lot. Sweat has ammonia content – the most favourite odour for mosquitoes.
  12. Agarbathis, camphor and frankincense can effectively get rid of mosquitoes. In the evenings light any one of them and show in all hidden corners of your rooms.

Nets to control mosquitoes

mosquito1Even if we keep our home and premises neat and tidy, public drainage and shops in front of our home and streets may invite mosquitoes. If so, mosquitoes will be present in our interior also. If so, it’s better to take some precautions. We can’t keep our doors and windows closed forever. It will block free passage of sunlight and air circulation inside our home. Also, ventilators and tiny gaps in between the doors and windows are enough for a few mosquitoes to enter your home.

Common solution is to provide net to windows and ventilators and a few doors, if you feel so. It never blocks air circulation, but blocks mosquitoes from entering the home. It gives enough sunshine to your interior also.
Usually iron or aluminum is used for net frames. High density polythene and stainless steel are also popular nowadays. Though stainless steel frames are expensive they can be removed from the windows for cleaning and place later. Another variety is fiber glass net. Frameless Velcro is used for fitting it in doors and windows. They are removable parts and can be cleaned in washing machine too. All the above nets suggested can be cleaned using vacuum cleaner also.

Aluminum frames can be powder coated to get any colour. Colours that match the exact wooden colour are also available. High density polythene nets are available in black colour while stainless steels are available in their natural colour. Fiber glass is available in different colours like green, black and off white. Mosquito nets can be permanently fixed in ventilators while they can be used as shutters for windows.

Bed nets to mosquito bats

 mosquito2Bed nets have been used from early ages and it’s an effective tool too. It doesn’t have any side effects of mosquito coils, creams, repellants, perfumes or mosquito mats. But it’s effective only during sleep time, when you lay on your bed. Mosquito nets can be used to decorate the interior of your bedroom if put in a creative manner. It’s available in wide range of colours and designs and its price starts from 500 rupees onwards. In old homes, bed nets are most common while it’s seen very rare nowadays.

In addition to mosquito coils and vapourizers mosquito repellants are also available in market. Mosquito repellants can be applied on body parts to avoid mosquito bites. Mosquito coils and vapourizers are alternative solutions. But according to doctors, inhaling its vapours is not at all good for our health. Actually, they are poisons in minute quantities slowly added to our body. Doctors always instruct never to use both in the rooms of babies. Regular use of both can lead to respiratory diseases as well. They can lead to many allergies and not at all good for asthma patients. If you find problems related to health while using them, discontinue its use completely. Also keep all food items closed in the rooms where you use coils, mosquito mats and vapourizers.

As I have told before coils and vapourizers is not good for kids’ room. A few repellants and ointments can cause allergy as well, particularly for sensitive skin.

Now mosquito bats are most popular. They never give any side effects and kills mosquitoes by giving electric shocks. You need to charge those bats every day and use them similar to badminton bat, pressing the button to kill the ‘enemies’. Now mosquito lights are placed in big fruit shops, bakeries and restaurants where a light source is provided as a trap. Similar to mosquito bat, it provides a thunder sound if mosquitoes are trapped and killed by the device. This insect killer is effective in killing all small insects including small flies and house flies.


Through this article I have provided most common mosquito control measures. Prevention is always better than cure. So, it’s always a better idea to prevent these insects from getting inside your home rather than relaying on its solutions, which may give some health-related problems though they get rid of mosquitoes.

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