Your bedroom with Feng Shui effect 

For a peaceful and stress free life, it is important to have certain minimum facilities in your home for instance a bedroom with all positive vibes. People have started to believe in Feng Shui, which helps them create a healthy, happy and soothing environment especially in their bedrooms where they spend almost one third of their lives. First of all, you should know about disturbing factors of your life so that all you need to know is to rectify these problems with the help of these easy techniques.

Feel the magic of Feng Shui


As the followers of Feng Shui art believe that, you should take full advantage of fresh air and sunlight also these two elements known as CHI or energy to keep you in good health and best moods ever. Keep windows of your bedroom open for some time every day to let fresh air in that is sure way to fill your bedroom with positive energy. Fresh air and sunlight help keep your room away from negative vibes and bacteria. You should use quality room fresheners to keep your room fresh and lively.

Keep all doors connected to your bedroom closed during night hours including balcony, bathroom, storeroom etc. to let nourishing energy flourish that helps keep your health and relations in good condition.

Place things in a right way to give them a different look

Place your bed in such a position where you can use both sides of it, keeping one side close to wall reduces your energy level to great extent.  Avoid keeping your bed in front of entrance gate that does not help you feel motivated. Quality mattresses, carpets, clean walls, bed sheets and pillow covers including other items in the room would help you feel good energy factor of different levels.

I would not prefer plants in my bedroom – not in night hours anyways 

As it is a proven fact that plants in a bedroom trap positive energy during night hours therefore it is advisable to not to keep plants in your bedroom. You would be surprised to note that plants can cause infidelity and instability in your life and also it is not healthy to keep plants in your bedroom. 

Keep pleasing decorative in your bedroom for positive vibes

The fact is that every item in your bedroom affects your life and relations in a positive or negative way therefore it is wise to keep positive items like artwork, paintings, wooden decoration that reflect in a positive way. The items related with loneliness, war, fight, sad etc would certainly effect your relations in a bad way. 

Simple tips to follow for best results 

* You should place a photo in a red colored frame with your spouse on the south-west wall. You can also put a group photo of your family o the same wall with happy faces.

* You should choose out of off white, cream off white or shades of brown for your bedroom and if you wish to go for combinations select red or its shades for south-west wall, which are considered lucky and helpful for a better relation as per Feng Shui.

* According to Feng Shui, keeping Mandarin Ducks in south-west side of your bedroom is considered very healthy for your relations.mndrn duck

* The Feng Shui believes in keeping two burning red candles in south-west of your bedroom should improve your dull relations immediately.

* Hang or fix a double happiness symbol outside of your room to feel positive vibes with immediate effect.


You would learn to get a feel of your energy level once you follow the Feng Shui techniques. You can experiment with items related to this ancient art of positive energy according to your own demands of health, relations and energy level.  

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