What is Feng Shui?.

Feng means wind and Shui means water in Chinese. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good fortune so the good Feng Shui means the good luck and bad Feng Shui means the bad luck. This is basically balancing of the energies of any specific space to ensure good health and fortune.Now these days people started believing on Feng Shui and try to construct their hosue or keep things as per Feng Shui and its not bad to do that. I know few people who have rebuilt their houses and tried to follow the feng shui tips which reconstruction.

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Today most of the people always keep Feng Shui in their mind before constructing their houses moreover they even alter their houses for it. Here are some simple tips for those who wish to decorate their home keeping in mind Feng Shui:

1. First and foremost thing is the color of the walls. One should know about the effects of every color and then should color their homes. There are different effects for different clors like Red color - Red color is the strongest feng shui color.Red color symbolise fire so this color brings in energy of joy,excitement in your home. Red is also Chinese color of luck and happiness. Its a symbol of love and courage. Yellow color - Feng shui color of sunlight,cheerful welcomes feng shui energy in your kitchen,living room or children'e room. White color - Feng shui color of purity and innocence. Black color - Feng shui color of night,deep water use of this color adds strength. Pink color - Feng shui color of love. This is perfect color to soften the energy in a given space.Gray color - Feng shui gray color is treated as a dull color.Purple color - Feng shui purple color is very high vibrant color. This is the best feng shui color which can be used anywhere in the house and people used it from pillow covers to color of curtains and walls.Orange color - As per Feng shui Red color is very intense so its better to use Orange color instead of Red color. Orange color is often called as the "social" color and optimistic color and is normally used by people in their homes and offices. Brown color - Feng shui color of brown represents strength and stability.Presently people have started using brown color.Blue color - Feng shui blue color represents Calm,Tranquility,peace. Green color - Feng shui green color represents growth,health.

Use neutral colors as much as possible and try not to use the bright colors as neutral colors sooths our eyes. Feng shui does not have a strict rule only thing is one should use colors which makes our mind calm and don't allow negative energy to enter home.


2. Proper placing of mirrors: At homes dead ends are not considered good as per Feng shui so we must avaoid dead ends at homes or one can put mirrors on the dead end of eacg hallway to create illusion that it is not a dead end. This makes room more spacious and helps to offer better lighting. In feng shui mirror brings the energy of water. Mirror is important thing in Feng Shui as it may shift the flow of energy to any specific space.


Best feng shui ares to place mirrors:

East for better health and family.

Southeast for wealth.

North for career.

Feng shui areas to avoid placing of mirrors:

South it ruins fame and reputation.

On the Walls directly facing the main door.

on the walls facing your bed.

As mirrors can be used to reflect natural light to the dark areas in the house so they offer better light at home.

3.Manage your home by placing things rightly. The most simple thing which feng shui teaches is to manage your furniture and other things properly. Furniture should should be placed in such a way that face the door. This is basically true as one can have a proper ventilation and can easily see who is coming in and out of the room. In feng shui bed placement is important as bed and bedroom support our personal energy. There are few things which one should remember while placing bed in the bedroom like there should be good support of wall for your bed. Do Not place bed in the corner but of course it depends on the space availability you have in the room. There should not be sharp angles from the wall or anything pointed towards you while sleeping. It is better to place your bed away from the walls having electrical switches/appliances as Feng Shui says that one should eliminate any electric appliance from the bed room. Placing the bed in front of the door and facing feed towards the door while sleeping is the worst position for bed in feng Shui and one must avoid it. The head should be kept away from the window so that your personal energy may not flow out through the window.

4.Use plants inside home. Keeping small plants inside home gives us fresh air and create positive flow of energy at home. Scientifically also there are many plants available which are used in homes which clears away the pollutants from the air and offer us fresh and pure air to breath. There are plants too which gives oxygen even in the night and keep environment healthy. Keeping plant inside home gives good look to home and make home live. Plants also represent wood which is believed to be good in Feng Shui as it is the symbol of strength,creativity and flexibility. Plants with round leaves are considered good in Feng Shui so most of people keep Money plant in their homes as it is believed to be good for wealth. Objects of green,blue and brown are considered to be good in Feng Shui and plants have these colors so these are good to keep from the point of view of Feng Shui.

5. Last one is one should try to enter natural light as much as possible inside house. There should be proper ventilation in the house as we all know light and air are to important things in Feng Shui which gives us the positive energy. Try to create calm environment at your home as it helps in creating positive energy instead one can use chimes to ensure gentle noise be produced by them when wind blows. Energy gets multiplied when it is shared with others so one must have ample space and seating to accommodate guests at home. Pieces made from natural things promote positive energy so one must use natural things as much as possible at home.

There are many things one should consider while purchasing a house like one should check the past back ground of the house we are thinking to buy.First thing we should check that the house should not have been owned by several people in the past for short time and may not have suffered from ill fate like bad health,divorce,suicide etc.There should not be many trees located too close to the entrance or the main door as that may hinder the positive flow of energy to come in the house instead one can keep plants in a line there. A house with a spiral stair case should be avoided as it results in transformation of positive energy in to negative one. House should be normally be built in square or rectangular shape anything built in odd shape should not be bought. The back door should not be visible from the front door if this is there in a house then something should be kept in between.It is said that energy flows from the front door to upwards so its always better to have an office near front door or on higher floors.One can place images of trees is good from the point of Feng Shui.

main door

Kitchen is associated with the health of all family members. The best position as per Feng Shui should be in north,east or southeast corners of the house.Shelves in the kitchen should be 3 feet above the cooking range. The refrigerator door should not face the cooking range as there should be be mix up of the cold from the fridge with the fire. One should use paintings in the living room like: Pictures of swimming fish or can have fish pond in one corner of the home. One can have lamps as these are symbol of good luck, Portraits or picture of smiling people as it creates lots of positive energy in home. We should choose appropriate carpets there are prescribed color for the carpets in Feng Shui as per the direction of the house.

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