"Sorry but we don't like matchboxes", this is a common perception of most Indian families as far as flats are concerned. People like to flaunt big bungalows with dainty interiors, gardens with exquisite flora. It won't surprise me if you are one of them too. But to me......its nothing less than a mantrap.

Why Flats??

  • Flats do not fall heavy on your pocket....statistics show that one can buy a decent flat worth the amount invested in so called 'bunglows' for refurbishment. Hence flats are more economical.
  • Require less maintenance...Sundays are enough to wipe all corners.
  • More secure
  • Not to miss, they provide you with interesting neighbourhood too.

Earlier a bungalow dweller, I moved into my new apartment a couple of months back. However, the hefty furniture was a big misfit in my limited space. So, I decided to redecorate my flat and trust me the outcome was overwhelming. 

Here are some steps that I followed..

Do's and dont's of flat decoration

  • Never go for darker shades in the interiors as they might give you a claustrophobic feel. Brighter shades like banana creams and mid creams may enlighten your space making them look spacious and elegant.
  • Use vitrified tiles for floors as they reflect light adding to the vibrant aspect.
  • If you have large window frames , its excellent as you can go for net curtains. In rooms where you don't get much sunlight opt for lighter shades of pinks and greens for the curtains.
  • For rooms with abundant sun exposure go for the solid curtains in any of the following patterns: eyelets, frills, box-beads with or without buttons. Do not hesitate while investing for curtains as they are an integral part of flat decor.
  • For furniture, I would suggest you to go for the dark wood ones as they occupy lesser space. Dark wood will complement your cream walls.
  • On the contrary,dining tables should be of glass as they are visually more pleasing and most importantly do not kill space unnecessarily.
  • As for decoration, big show pieces are a big no!!!!......Go for two big round pots at the corners of your living area with huge geen plants or my favourite , dry flower bunches with exotic filling. That is more than enough.
  • To complement your dark wood furniture buy wall paintings with dark wood frame for that extra panache.  

These were some basics one must keep in mind while decorating his/her flat.These are tried and tested methods that can never go wrong!!!!!!!

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