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To get a new look to the house there is no need to spend much money. We can get a new look with the things which we have with us. According to our capacity we will have a small or big house. Though it may have more or less rooms but it is our house. There is no necessary that the house which you are living is should be yours. Until we pay rent, that is our house only. From morning till evening we will be busy with our professional jobs. There will be a lot of rules to travel on road and to work in office. But there are no rules in our house. We have a lot of freedom in our house.

We have things like tv, fridge, washing machine etc for our better comfortability. We settle them in drawing room, kitchen and dining room according to our need and comfortability. It will be comfortable and look good for that time. But after some days, we feel it as routine. 

As we make changes in our clothes and ornaments, similarly our home also needs change. But it is very difficult to change house as we change ornaments and clothes. It is not much possible to change the old things and replace them with new one. It is not necessary also. So where there is a will there is a way. with the same house and same things we can get a new look to our house. Then the people who ever visit your house will surely praise you and ask you what changes you have made as house got new look. 

Change the places of sofa and tables etc. We should change the things according to our comfortability and new look. Try to change the dining table and other covers which bring a special look to your home.This is very simple.

 Placing sofa at the center of the room and then chairs on both sides and centre table at the middle. But if it continues for more days then we may feel bored. So we have to place a sofa at one corner of the drawing room near the wall. At the same sofa, if we arrange a flower pot beside it , then it will be more beautiful and special. So there is no need to spend money for this. Just creativity is needed. Just we need to word hard a bit so that for some days our house will have pleasant and new look. when you feel any of the things have become old, then you can a new one and replace it.  Due to these changes, our house looks beautiful and new and we will feel active.

The effects of vastu in interior decoration

To decorate your house you need to have to know completely about your house and it is very important. There will be lucky places and unlucky places in our house. According to the vastu, it is believed that the lucky places must be kept light weight only. The heavy furniture and other things must be placed at unlucky places. The light weight furniture should be placed lucky places. 

So let us know in detail where we have to place the furniture at home

We have to place a sofa at south or west. Place a bed in  south west direction by leaving some space. Place the shelves where we store valuable things  in south west, but facing north direction.  Try to place the dining table either in the kitchen or drawing room at northwest direction. Arrange study table at north or west directions. It is good to place aquarium in north or west or northeast direction. East, northeast and west are the places where we have to allot place for water. 

Curtains : 

We have to hang light color curtains in the bed room. It is good to avoid using red and black curtains. We can hang dark color curtains in living room. 

Mirrors :

We can arrange mirror to the north or east walls. We should arrange mirror opposite to us in our bedroom and even in studyroom. 

Electrical devices :

The electrical devices which are used daily must be placed in correct side. The gas stoves, ovens like things must be placed south east direction. Geigar also must be placed in the southeast direction only. The appliances like Air - condition, the freeze must be placed at the  southwest direction. We can place tv at north, east and northeast direction of drawing room. The electrical devices should not be placed at northeast direction. 

Painting colors:

According to the vastu sastra it is good to prefer lighter color to your houses.  Light green, blue, red, yellow and pink looks good to our house. White is more best choice as it increases the ventilation too. It is good to hang the picture of sunrise, waterfalls  in our house according to vastu. we should not use the pictures of war and violence. We should place pictures of god in bedroom. 

Plants :

the people who love to grow plants around the house, they can even grow the indoor plants inside the house. The indoor plants have become much popular now a days. The thorny plants should not be grow at home. It is said that we should not be grown bigger plants in north west direction.

If you want to have a upstair to your house then you need to place the steps in a northwest direction where we can place weight. The bore or well should be made at the north east direction. People feel the north east direction is a very special holy place. So according to the vastu sastra, in a day we should enter our house from that direction only and we have moved at that place everyday. So we place the maindoor near to that direction. 

            If you are suffering from many health prolems try to place your medicines at the south east direction where you sleep. Almost your health problems will get control. Always keep the place which is at the center of the house clean. It is known as brahma sthanam. So it must be kept clean. Therefore, we will have the gods kindness to us. Place the money which you save at the south west direction.


Image source: wikimedia


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