Each parent wants his/her child to have the best of everything. These days parents also tend to be choosy about how the bedrooms of their children should be. It is necessary to know what should/should not be in the bedroom of your child  when you decorate it. Let us see how you can make your child's bedroom better.


The color of your child's bedroom should be bright. The bedsheet, pillowcover and curtains should be colored and printed with cartoon characters, sceneries etc. The color of your child's wall can be further refined based on the age and gender of your child. For female children between the ages of 2-10 years good colors are rose, purple and for boys of this age good colors are aquamarine and blue. For girls above 10 years of age good room colors is orange. For boys above 10 years best colors for the room are brown, grey and metallic colors.

Light arrangement

You should see that your child should not strain his eyes due to the lack of light. Thererfore there should be good light arrangement. Avoid bulbs and stick to tube lights as white lights are better. The curtains should reflect the sunlight back into the room. However if your child is too small, do not provide excessive light in the room as it can hurt the eyes. The lights should not be hot either.


There should be adequate storage provision in the room of your child. This is because kids tend to have many toys when they are small and they also tend to keep lot of books/clothes when they grow up. Divide the room of your child based on the child's requirement. One corner for studying, one corner for playing, the third corner for changing where you can add a small dressing table and the fourth corner for sleeping where you can place the child's bed. Also add storage facilities like a big almirah, a cupboard with shelves to keep books and a toy box if space permits. These days one can get furniture with many drawers for kids. The more shelves and drawers the room of your children contains, the better.


It is a fashion these days to decorate the room of your child with paintings and drawings that he/she has made. You can add poems and stories that he/she has written on a display board in the room. Also decorate the room with medals and trophies that he or she has received from school. This will encourage your child to do better. If space permits also add teddy bear, flower pot and sceneries. Also add a big photo of your child standing with you in the room.

Hygine and ventilation

The room should be hygienic and well ventilated. It should have 1-2 windows. It should have curtains which can be opened and closed easily. Also keep a colorful doormat and dustbin.


If you stay in a high rise apartment the window of your child should consist of iron bars to prevent him/her from falling off. Also seal open electric wires if any. If your child is small, make provision for carpeting the entire room. This will protect him/her in case of falling. The height of the bed should be low. The almirahs and furniture should not have any kind of sharp edges. Do not keep high risk items like knives, nails and heaters in your child's room. don't stick stickers on the table and chair of your child if he/she is very small.

Additional tips

Keep an alarm clock in your child's room. This will inculcate a good habit of rising early in your child. Add a small black board with chalk in the room. You can add a computer to your child's room if he/she is a big child but if you do so, keep an eye on your child's activities. Adding a TV to your child's bedroom is not a good idea as many children tend to watch TV late night and get up late the next morning. You can add a music system to your child's room if he/she is a big child. Add story books in the room if he/she is a small child.

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