Entrance of a house is the vital thing that we consider whether it is related to the security or decoration. The entrance of the house can be decorated, few things can be applied that can make your exterior of the house or your entrance lobby more attractive to the outsiders. 

Entrance Door

The entrance door of our house is the first thing while any one search to enter the house. The door of the entrance attracts any person, so a special interest should be kept to make the door more grand in appearance. The door can be of any material plywood, laminated door or wooden doors. the wooden doors are believed to be more durable compared to the other material and expensive. The wooden door with its fine textures and the splendid designs on the door give a grand appearance to the people or guests. The Door entrance can be of large width or of small width both have a separate gesture and thus a tactful and innovative designs of the entrance door is all we require. The wooden door are highly preferred due to the durable and attractive designs give your house a stunning look.Choose exceptional colors to paint the door or the pasted textures on the door provide a warm appearance.

Low light plants

Decor your lobby with the low light plants. The plants provides purified air to the atmosphere, along with it improves the view of the entrance lobby. The plants of various sizes involves in a natural look to the lobby. Low light plants require less sunshine to grow which can be kept inside the house and can grow easily. Few indoor plants that looks beautiful and embraces with the gift of nature are money plants, Staghorn Fern,Snake plants, Cactus. These plants requires very less care an grows easily providing more oxygen and decor your lobby.

Sitting arrangements

Improve the entrance look along with the utilities, such as the sofas or chairs which are placed in the lobby. Visitors who can sit and wait for few minutes, the different attractive furniture related to the chairs and sofas are available made of wood, plywood, bamboos placed with the center table.  The furniture that are to be placed may be proportionate the floor area of the entrance lobby. The comfortable movement of the people should be kept in mind while you place the sofa or chairs. We should try to give a small sitting area if you have a small lobby and if large you can provide a large sitting area.

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