Comforts and discomforts of vacuum cleaner

nThe vacuum cleaners which came earlier into the market are huge in size. They are very uncomfortable to use them. We need 2 people to use those vacuum cleaners. But the cleaners which are available in this modern world has many advantages and very comfortable. The telescope attachments and hepa filters which are present in these modern vacuum cleaners will filter the allergy creating dust  from air. Before, choosing a vacuum cleaner we need to consider about many things like your floor, the dust falling and spreading and your budget. 

Types of vacuum cleaners 

Canister vacuum cleaner 

This works for a long time. It removes more dust. The facilities in this vacuum cleaner will work according to the user. The Iron pipes which are attached to these vacuum cleaner are very useful. The dust on the chairs, curtains, tables, steps and doormats can be removed very easily. By using this kind of vacuum cleaner we can clean under sofas and beds. There is a provision of stopping the beater bar in kenstar vacuum cleaner. Actually, for removing the dust on the doormats and curtains people attach beater bar to the vacuum cleaner and they clean. While cleaning the wooden floor with the vacuum cleaner using the beater bar brushers then there is a chance of getting scratches on the wooden floor. These are bit tough to use these provisions in normal vacuum cleaner. As these vacuum cleaners contains small bags in them so we have to replace those bags with new one frequently.

Up Right Vacuum Cleaner

These vacuum cleaners are light in weight and they are available at 100 dollars. The vacuum cleaners which work for more cleaning then those will be available for 1000$. The usage of these vacuum cleaners are very easy. These even clean curtains. The chairs, tables, things and even steps can be cleaned by attaching the instruments to the vacuum cleaner. We can use these attachments without using a vacuum cleaner. The cleaning strength of vacuum cleaner depends up on vacuum cleaner models. The discomfort in these vacuum cleaners are, there will be a more arrangement to clean the hard floor. The pipes which we attach to the vacuum cleaner will be very small in size.

Robotic vacuum cleaner


When you need to clean fast then robotic vacuum cleaner works well. We need to set it on the floor and use it. So cleaning will be look after by the vacuum cleaner. The robotic vacuum cleaners which available for 1000$ those contain a brush which can turn to any side. After collecting all the dust, the vacuum cleaner sent it to the cup which is present in the vacuum cleaner. Discomfort of this robotic vacuum cleaner is it cannot clean the doormats.

Is your fridge irritating you with bad smells


According to the technology the usage of electrical devices has increased. Now a days fridge has become basic thing. There is no house without a fridge. But some people fill the fridge with unnecessary things. They even place the leftover food in the fridge and use for more days. Due to this, whenever we open the fridge door we get bad smell. It is very difficult to clean the fridge daily. So you need to take care of fridge from earlier. There are some home improvement tips for this.

Remove the food material stored from more days

This is the main reason for getting the bad smell from the fridge. Some food items get spoiled in less time though we place them in the fridge. We should observe them daily or else when they get spoil the bad smell of them spread to the other food items present in the fridge. So whatever food item we place in fridge, we need to track them regularly.

Compulsary cover

While storing food items in the fridge, we have to cover the bowls. Especially spicy food. Because spices spread their smell very easily and they will easily gets spoil. The food which have pungent smell, that should be kept in a box and covered with the cap. Therefore, no smell gets spread to other items as all the food items are covered. Hence our fridge will be fresh. 

Tray (compartment in fridge)

When you place the cooked food material in one tray then place the uncooked food material in another tray but don't place them in the same tray of the fridge. The milk, curd and ghee must be stored separately in the fridge. The fridge company people have already designed it accordingly where and what food times we have to place. So we have to follow it and maintain the fridge. Then there will be no harm at all. We should not place food items and vegetables so congestedly. We should maintain the fridge big spacious so that air could move into it. After washing the vegetables, we have wipe them completely and then only we have to place them in the fridge. When we store the green chili without stem for more days  in the  fridge then they start getting spoiedl. So we have to store them without removing their stems. We should keep any warm or hot food item in the fridge. Because this creates bacteria and there is chance to fridge get damage. 

Baking soda

Baking soda is a magic powder which cleans anything very easily. We can clean the fridge using baking soda and we must take a bottle with small holes and fill it with baking soda. Then place at any corner inside the fridge. Therefore, there will be no bad smells in the fridge. 

Regular cleaning

We have clean the fridge once in a day or week and it is very important. We need to clean in such a way that the dust should not get accumulated on the condensor of the fridge. At least once in a month we have to clean outside of the fridge also. We need to use fridge door handle cover for the fridge door handle and the fridge cover for fridge so that the fridge will be safe for a long time. While placing milk, curd like things in the fridge, we have to take care in such a way that should not fall and if they fall we need to clean them immediately. 

Eat freshly and be healthy

In present days, in every family 2 to 3 members are doing jobs outside. and the family containing 2 members that is husband and wife, in such families if both are working then they will be busy everyday in their life. For such lifestyle, they have to do shopping at least once in a week for getting their necessary food items. Some people according to the money they have, they do shopping and get necessary food items for a week or month. But sometimes, when we store food items in the fridge or in a box they are getting spoil very soon. If you want your food should not get spoil soon and be fresh then you need to know about how to store self life food. when vegetables or fruits get spoiled we cut them or throw them but we have a responsibility that we have purchased them with a lot of money and so it is our responsibility to store them in such a manner they must be fresh for a long time. So let us discuss few tips about this and there is no need to do the hard work for this.

1. The leafy vegetables and fresh vegetables are very good for our health. Especially these contain vitamins, minerals and proteins in them and these will help us to be healthy. The vegetables and leafy vegetables can be fresh at room temperature but some of them cannot be for more time so such vegetables and leafy vegetables must be wrapped in a newspaper and store in the vegetable desk in refrigerator.

2. There will be no one who does not use green chili. Chili plant is not our Indian plant. Our Indian used to use pepper for having chili taste. This is very healthy for us. The chemical capsacian present in this will reduce the join pains. These must be stored in an airtight plastic box or in plastic cover.

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