A bean bag is a sealed bag containing dried beans, or some kind of polymers like PVC pellets. It is widely being used as an alternative to chairs for seating. Bean bags come in a variety of shapes and quite a range of colours including blue, black and gray.  Some even have pictures of sportsperson and other celebrities on them. The bean bags may be cylindrical, round or wedged with most of them constructed with fire retardant materials. They are available in cotton, PU(poly urethane),cloth, rexin, leather, denim, suede and fur. In leather again, there is Italian leather, American leather and Royal leather- with the Royal leather variety being the most expensive and the more durable. The price starts from Rs. 630 upwards and depend on the material and size.   Advantages of Bean Bags: Portability and Malleability The main advantage of a bean bag is that it twists to any shape and people can lounge in them in their convenient posture with no fear of any damage to the bag. Not only do they take up less space, but they are easily portable and so can be moved form one place to another with ease. Comfort and additional seating/sleeping place They are soft, comfortable and provide an additional seating space. Many people use it for alternative sleeping areas too as they provide warmth and you can cuddle yourself snugly onto the bean bag for a nice nap. Some beanbags can even be converted to a full-size bed, if desired. Bean Bags also provide an excellent choice for outside furniture as it takes up very less space. Decorative purposes Some bean bags can also serve as decorative pieces because of their stylish and sleek looks.  Durability Bean-bags, especially Royal leather or micro suede are extremely durable and can be used for many years. Most of the bags are made such that they bounce back to their original size and position faster and thus, last for a longer time. The pellets, though may have to be replaced to ensure durability. Medically, more effective If you have any type of a back problem, bean-bags are the perfect solution. They are very ergonomic and gives good support to your body.   Juggling bean bags These are small bean bags which are used in juggling. People prefer to learn the art of juggling with the bean bags, which are small, flexible clothe bags, rather than with balls.   Thus, bean-bags are both stylish and, at the same time, provide an economical means for alternative seating arrangements for small homes. They are suited for people of all age-groups and prove to be very handy, especially when guests visit.  

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