Carpet. Doesn't the word sound familiar?? Indeed!! Almost all of us come across this thing while wandering across our rooms. Carpet, a thick heavy covering for a floor, usually made of woven wool or synthetic fibers, derives its name from old Italian word "carpire" meaning to pluck. The word carpet is often used equivalently to rug. The term carpet encloses a broad spectrum, within which lie a consortium of different patterns such as knotted, tufted, needlefelt, woven, flatweave etc. Woven carpet, the most expensive ones, due to the slow fabrication process is produced on a loom quite similar to woven cloth. Needlefelt carpets employ the principle of electrostatics and are technologically more refined. Tufted carpets are created with the aid of tufts(clusters of yarn fibers drawn through some sort of medium and have a reputation of being sturdy and wearing well over long periods of time. Level loop pipe is made by weaving even loops of yarn into carpet backing at both ends. The loops also tend to be very stiff, so will hold up[ to high foot traffic, making level loop carpeting popular in schools, airports and traffic areas. Berbers, having thicker yarns, limit footprints and vacuum tracks in informal areas. Multi-level loop pipe is commonly employed to create a textured effect or pattern in carpeting. Natural and synthetic fibers are the building blocks of carpets and generally intromit polymers like polyamides, polyesters and polypropylene. Nylon is the most favoured option as it is durable and static free, maintains fibre height, resists soiling, staining and mildew. it comes in continuous or spun fibers with the former being less likely to unravel. Polypropylene , a plastic polymer of chemical designation C3H6 is colorfast because the production process entails mixing it with dyes. Polypropylene resists abrasion, mildew, moisture and is easy to clean. A polymer of ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate, polyester comes in differen breeds such as PET,PTT etc. Polyester is luxurious, durable against abrasion, easy to clean and immune to water soluble stains and costs less than wool and nylon. Carpets are commonly made in widths of 12 and 15 feet and can be seamed together with an iron and a tape to affix it to a floor over a cushioned underlay pads. A carpet adhesive, also known as carpet-glues is often used instead of carpet tacks for keeping a carpet well grounded and in place. It is an excellent choice for installing a wall-to-wall carpet and stairway carpeting. Dalton in Georgia, USA is one of the leading manufacturers in carpeting, rugs and hardwood flooring. It is sometimes referred to as the carpet capital of the world. Over 150 production plants and more than 100 wholesale outlets are based in the Dalton area.

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Participation of youth in politics

Our youth forms the crux of our society. They are the major work force behind every political movement and decision making. But they often face a lot of challenges and discrimination. So do you think our society at large supports the involvement of youth in politics, or discourages them?
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