People generally associate snakes with danger and fear. Most people do not like snakes and are terrified at their appearance. But only few people know the fact that only a minority of the species are venomous and dangerous to human beings. There are several snakes’ species which can even be kept as pets in their home. The top five pet snakes which can be kept at every household are mentioned below- 1. The Ball Python: - This snake is not like the reticulated or the normal python that we see in television or zoo. This snake does not attack humans and are completely safe even with small kids. The main foods of this snake are the rats and small rodents. It can be even kept in small glass cages. The ball python is normally short in size and can grow up to five feet only. So it will not have the space problem which you can have with other snakes. If you are planning to adopt a pet snake than this can be a good choice. 2. The Corn Snake: - Corn snake is second on my list for the top five pet snakes. The main reason for it is the small size of this snake and good eating habits. This snake will eat almost everything you give. It is found in different colors and their life span is quite long as compared to other pet snakes. 3. The Gopher Snake: - The Gopher snake has the best temperament among all other pet snakes. It can be easily handled and does not strike even if badly treated. It is very calm and composed as compared to other snakes. The outside appearance of this snake is also very beautiful and it feeds on rats. 4. The California King snake: - It is the most common and popular pet snake among all king snakes. This snake is also small in size and very calm. The food habits are also very good with a dislike for rotten rats. The speckled king snake is the most appealing and charming of all the pet snakes. The average adult length of this snake reaches up to only six feet. 5. Milk Snake: - As the name suggests, this snake is not at all dangerous even for small children. It is the most calm of all snakes I have mentioned here. It grows up to five feet and has very good eating habits. It is found in different colors. If you are planning to adopt a pet snake than milk snake can be a very good option.

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