A very big Festival is coming, which is Diwali. All would like to make over the interior of their house. Every person likes to decorate their house and make it attractive. If you are thinking of a make over for your house, then prior to doing it do a proper Planning. Try to make a list of those things which you need to repair and which are the things you need to change or replace. If you will have a list of these things, then everything would be easy and also your time would be saved. So, make a list and then do it.

Festivals have already started. Navratri is already past and now it’s time for the biggest festival of the year i.e. Diwali. Diwali which is the festival of not only lights and firecrackers, but also people like to decorate their house. People like to bring new things to their house. People like to paint their house, like to buy New Furniture, like to repair the old things. People like to change their house, clean their house and make a different house which they want. In Gujarat, we celebrate a New year just on the next day of Diwali. So, for some people new year begins on that day and everyone would like to see everything good in New year.

How the decoration of house should be? What we should do to make our house more special? What should be done to make our house more Comfortable and beautiful? How to show our relatives and friends a new look of our house? These are a few questions which you would be having in your mind. You should not forget that in changing your house, you forget to see your Budget. You should be careful in planning the interior of your house. You need to think cleverly. Plan the changes which you want to make, by looking at your budget. Think wise to plan for the decoration and interior of your house.

Divide the list which you have made. This will make your work little easy for Renovation. Painting on walls, Flooring work, Curtain, Repairing of Furniture, Buying of Furniture are some items which you should include in your list. The new look of your house is seen from the way you have painted your Walls. So, let us first talk about Walls.

Coloring Walls

Walls play an important role in Renovation of house. Specially, when you give imagination of your dream to your walls. It feels really good. First of all, look at the color which you want your walls to be painted. If the color which is painted is Distemper paint, then make sure that you first remove that color and then think to paint a new color. In the Market, there are wide varieties of Plastic Emulsion Paint available. The most important thing about this kind of paint is that this paint is Washable paint. If the wall becomes dirty, then we could wash it and also we don’t need to special care. If you have a little more money in your pocket, then try to use Plastic Paint. The most important point which is to be noted about Plastic paint is that this paint remains attractive and beautiful for long time. If the wall gets dirty, then you could easy clean the walls.

Apart from painting colors of the walls, you could make your walls attractive and beautiful with the help of Wall Paper. Windows are one of the place in house, which not only approach to the Security but also play an important role in Cleanliness. Now a days people prefer to put Glass, then putting Grill. This makes you to look outside easily. If your house is on the Ground floor then it is better to put grill on the window. Also, you should ensure that if the security of the society is not tight then you have to put grill. In such case, it becomes necessity.

Attractive Options for Flooring

Few years back, people don’t used to have option in flooring. Few years back we used to have Mosaic and Marble floor an option. But, now we have reached far more ahead than these options. If still your floor is having Mosaic Floor, then better make your floor polish to shine as it was before. Summer have already gone and now its time for the winter to arrive. So, you should better look for a Carpet to decorate your floor. Carpets are used by many people from decades. It is still famous and in market, you could get a wide range of Carpets.

If your budget is good and wanted to have a very attractive flooring then go for Wooden flooring. For living room, Vitrified Ceramic tiles would be better. If your budget is not so good then Marble flooring will be suitable.

Importance of Lighting

These days we get to see a lot of varieties of Lighting. With the help of Lighting, we could increase the beautifulness of anything. Put the lamp shade, Chandelier and CFL such that in every corner of your house, there is equal amount of light. Also, put the lights such that during day time, the sun rays could come to the house. On the windows, put the curtain such that Sun rays do fall in your house and in daytime you could save the lights.P12045850
In the Evening and night, CFL and LED lights are good option available. These lights could save the energy and also these lights spread more of white light, so it would be able to spread in your whole house. If you have put a very nice painting on the wall or any artifacts are there, then they could be highlighted using focus lights.

How good looks you want for your house?

Have a prior thinking about what kind of look do you want of your house? Now a days people try to have Theme Based Interiors. If you want then you could decorate your house with Western, Classic, Ethnic and Colonial Style as well. Remember that if you want to have such type of style then you need to change your decorative items and also you need to change the furniture of your house. Don’t worry, if you need some mix kind of styles, then you could do that. You don’t need to change your furniture to have mixed end style.

Remember that the Interior of your house is very important to have a good look of your house. The Beautifulness of your house rely on how you choose the interior. If you want your house to be Ethnic Style, then you need Royal Carved Furniture, Art pieces that look old, Bright colors on your wall, Curtain having Laurel Prints. Theme Decoration is indeed look nice and very attractive, but it is very expensive. So, it is better that you try to put some mix styles which you love to see in your house.

Artifacts Increases Beauty

 In the Interior decoration of your house, there is huge importance of your living room. While decorating this room, try to be aware of the focal points of the room. Focal point is the place, where people try to see the place first. It’s a place, where the first impression lies. A person eyes could go till 2.5 to 8 foot height. Looking at this height, place good Paintings, Photographs and other attractive show piece. You can also place any handi-craft item at this focal point. When you decorate such places, then a new atmosphere is created, which feels good. Also, the guest who comes to your house, feels good and will like to come again and again.


Cleanliness is godliness” is one line which everyone would had heard. Everyone likes Clean and tidy house and this also creates a new energy in ourself. The surrounding and atmosphere brings joy to you.

Furniture and Room

Each area of the house has a different Humor. Like the decoration which is done in Balcony can’t be done in bedroom, in the same way Bedroom decoration can’t be done in Balcony. So, during decoration we need to be careful while decorating particular room. Like the living room is decorated with Sofa, Corner Table, Artifacts in the same way Children room can be given a sporty look. You can put their role model pictures in their room. While designing the children room, make sure that you also make a good and comfortable Study table. I am having Moggli Theme in my room and the study table is also attractive and comfortable.

We could design the children room like a Study table besides a single- bed. If the room is little bigger in size, then you could also make arrangement of sitting like putting sofa and tripod table. You can also put 2 chairs in place of Sofa. You can also give place to dressing table and a big cupboard can also be made to put your clothes and other items. If there is one Master bedroom in your house, then try to give soft look to it. Walls of master bedroom can be painted with Blue or Pink Color. Also you can try a light shade of Peach and Orange color.

If we talk about the present living, then Television is the need of every house. LCD and LED TV are mostly prefer by the family. If you like then, you could place one T.V to your bedroom. 

These are some good information which I have for you. Apply these changes and new decorative items in your house to make it wonderful You will see that the guests will not get tired of appreciating you and also will try to be in your house for long time.

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