Decorate your house with season plants

Summer season is  nearer. Most of the people in this season try to make their home cool and they decorate their home in such a manner. According to the season, they arrange curtains and furniture. So do you like to make changes in your house with plants according to their seasons.

When you decorate your house according to season then your house not only look beautiful, it will look fresh and will look new too. Coming to the decoration of our house, we need to spend more on it. But it is not at all necessary. So indoor plants are the best choice to decorate our home. These not only bring expected changes but also create eco-friendly feeling. These are very less expensive. Therefore, get indoor plants to your house and decorate it colorfully.

Let us discuss about the indoor plants which are available in summer season.

1. Archers

Among all the plants, archers are known as big grouped plants. These plants colors and leaves will be different form. We can have this plant as an indoor plant. These plants look wonderful. while they are having buds and buds blossoms then these plants will be more attractive.

2. African Violets

These plants grow with different flowers, colors and leaves. But when you grow this plant as indoor plants then you have to be careful while watering them. These must be placed where the moisture and lighting is sufficiently available. But the sunrays should not fall directly on these plants.

3. Hibiscus

 We all know the beauty and health benefits of this plant and its flowers. The flowers of this plant will be in different colors. These plants needs warmness. Similarly ventilation and moisture is necessary. If you use this plant as an indoor plant then the coolness and peace will be in our house.

4. Peace lily

This is the best plant which can be grown indoors. We can even place these plants in offices also. Due to this plants, our house will look colorful with its white color flowers and dark green color leaves.

5. Bromeliads

These plants give flowers, so they should be placed in house and offices. Therefore, these plants make our home and office colorful. Though the flowers blossom rarer but they will be fresh for long time (many days).These plants should grow in muddy water. We can grow this plant in just small pot of 4 inches height.

3 Vegetable plants which can be grown in our garden at winter

The vegetable and fruits plants will get sufficient moisture and water in winter season. So in this season we need to plant these plants. Growing plants is an art. If you spend some time and some talent for this art then you will be sucessful in gardening. Therefore, you can grow a better garden outside of your house. When you maintain a garden in well manner then your house also will be healthy and happy. we can enjoy the fresh air and flower frangrance.

Let us discuss about those 3 plants

1. Green peas plants

Winter is the best season for these plants grow well. So we need to dig the mud deeply and then plant those seeds or we can plant the green peas with sprouts. Green peas are cooked in different forms of dishes.

2. Spring Cabbage

This plant can be grown very easily at the outside of our house. These are very good for our health. While planting these plants, we need to give space between plant to another plant. How much the cabbage plant grows that much cabbage flower becomes big. We should take care, this plant receives sun rays completely. We should even take care that more heat must not be on the plant.

3. Leafy vegetables

In winter season leafy vegetables grow well. These grow very fast. when we plant these seeds, with in 3 to 4 months they grow into plants. But the insects will effect the leafy plants so we need to take alot of care according to the insects affected.

5 indoor plants to decorate your house and get luck

Most of us love to do easy things. We prefer to work with getting stressed. this may be their hobby too. But there will be very less use with these kinds of things. When people want to relax. Then they should take up tough tasks also. when you feel bored then it is best to grow plants. therefore, your mind will be peace, It will be best exercise to you  and beauty to your house.

Growing plants in the garden may be bit tough but growing plants in home is easy. These improve the beauty of our house and health of us. They reduce the polution and release fresh air. some people love to maintain garden, but due to lack of time they could not maintain it. There are some plants which can be grown inside of our house. Therefore, there is no need to spend much time with them to maintain.

Let us discuss about these 5 plants in detail.

1. Snake plant 

This plant inhales all the polluted air. It creates moisture in the air. This provides luck and health also. This plant can grow in sun and even shadow. There is no need to give water regularly to these plants. The leaves of these plants will be very small in size. There will be many varieties in this plant.

2. Aloe

There are many benefits by growing this plant in our house. This plant is very good for our skin problems especially pimples. there are so many medical benefits are hidden in this plant. So we can include this plant in indoor plants. This plant even can be grown on the balcony, outside of our house and in the garden. Giving more water to these plants lead to its dealth.

3. Spider plant

this plant also grows fast. This plant mostly comes across in houses and offices. These plants will grow in mud only. Daily we must give them water and we must place them in sun for 2 to 3 hours.

4. Rubber tree

This is a good indoor tree. Because it looks attractive with beautiful leaves and its height. Most of the people grow this plant in their house. We have to plant this plant, so that its roots will be completely go into the mud and only greenery ouside. This plant can be placed in the sun and even in balcony. This look like a beautiful ornament when we place it in the house.

5. Crotons

It is good grow crotons at the outside of our house. There will be alot of colors available in crotons plants. These plants bring a great look to our home, So it is good to plant them outside  of our house. Yellow and some other colors crotons are mostly available in the market. When the sunrays falls on these plants then they shine more beautifully. These plants needs less water and maintaining them is very easy. 

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