The most curious and critical situation, the world is facing today, is global warming which has been taking its heaviest toll, endangering the very existence of human civilization. The world is getting warmer day by day and the degree with which it is increasing is a cause for concern with a must-stop situation warranting the humankind. Every human being needs 12 kilograms of oxygen everyday for survival. Besides, a human being needs six kilograms of drinking water and 500 grams of food for his survival.

We have the capacity to live a few days without food and water but cannot live a few minutes without fresh air. Air pollution and global warming are man-made. His irresponsibility in this regard endangered not only his life but the lives of others, vitiating the atmosphere and creating repeated natural calamities which the world is subjected to. We have seen and experienced four seasons since our birth, but, in the recent times, number of seasons has come down to two in a year or three at best in a year.

What is the contributing factor of this banishment and exclusion?

A year constituted of four seasons, viz. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Now spring season is hard to experience as many areas of the world. In numerous areas, summer and winter exist, but autumn does not. Curiously enough, in a large number of places, only summer exists. So, where has 50% of the season in a year gone? What is the contributing factor of this banishment and exclusion?

Every midnight till the sun rises the world is filled with ozone and helium gases in the dew-drop atmosphere. According to scientists, Oxygen is ‘O2’ and ozone is ‘O3’. So, ozone has 50 percentages of more oxygen and is better suited for human and animal lives. Lighting amid clouds and sea-waves coming in contact with sun rays create natural ozone. Artificial ozone created from electrical short circuit is detrimental to health. Similarly, morning walks before the sun rise is healthy and refreshing. As soon as, scorching rays come down to earth, ozone and helium gases become light and rise to a higher level of atmosphere and atmosphere becomes painful and harmful.

Bio-kitchen revolution:

Now agricultural scientists have been advocating the establishment of bio-kitchens which have been becoming very popular world-wide. What we purchase from the market are the products from the use of poisonous fertilizers and pesticides used in the seeds and the plants which are very harmful to human health. The vegetables we purchase from the market have artificial colors and chemical applied to those to give a crisp and fine look. Fruits are ripened by carbide in a very contrived and poisonous manner. All the fruits and vegetable we find in the market are chemically blended and detrimental to our health.

We can grow fruits and vegetables at home in a most sincere manner by using cow dung and skins of fruits and vegetables. By this, we not only make the soil fertile, but the atmosphere around us pollution-free. This bio-kitchen revolution started in America a decade ago and is gaining ground very fast. Roof-top kitchen gardens, producing various kinds of fruits and vegetables are appearing at a few places in India and in many cases at USA. May this provide an inspiration to others to carry forward this concept?

Four to four and half inches of soil is enough to grow abundant fruits and vegetables. Assorted fruits like banana, apple, mango, lemon, etc. need less than two inches of soils to grow. One or two buckets of used water are sufficient to water them. The plants grow in a biological milieu, garnering more than 95 percentages strengths for survival. The soil provides two percentages of vitamins to the plants. There is absolutely no need for using fertilizers and pesticides. The plants need only our labor and resolution.

Pioneer of bio-kitchen revolution:

In return, we get lively, poison-free and natural fruits and vegetables. The house becomes cool for habitation and fresh air and oxygen comes in full flow. This is a humble attempt to cool down the ongoing tender, hostile and polluted atmosphere. Cuba’s attempt in this regard has inspired countries like USA to follow the path. The bio-kitchen concept, successfully adopted by Cuba, has put to an end to its import of food grains and petroleum products.  Cuba’s self-sufficiency in food-grain production is due to the USA curb on sale of fertilizers, pesticides and petroleum products by interested countries and by USA itself.

Cuba, in its bid to independently grow vegetables and food grains, restored to bio-farming and is now leaving the world in this respect. So, Cuba bio-agriculture is a bi-product of American chauvinism and international insensitivity. Consequently, 80 percentages more of food grains were added to the already-provided 20 percentages of food grains by its farmers and the nation became self-sufficient. American and elsewhere dependence was gone. Cuban President Fidel Castro imported nine lakhs of bicycles from China which solved the communication problem hit by the scarcity of oil and petroleum products.


‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. Cuban scientists invented many life-saving drugs which surprised countries like USA among others. ‘A drop of practice is greater than the ocean of theories’ (The Mother). In the long run, it will not be out of place for us to try to lift the condition of the starving millions of the country from a state of disease, death, slow poisoning and slumber to a state of healthy and sound life by substituting the present system of chemical vegetation with the natural process in the manner described above.

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