Need to draw luck in your favour? Give Feng Shui plants a shot!

In Feng Shui plants are considered to bring in good energy. However what we do need to be careful about is that they are in the pink of their health and kept in the right bagua area.


A few important points before we proceed to our Feng Shui Garden:

  • Plants are best kept in Southeast and East of your home or office. While Plants in East bring in good health, the same in Southeast are believed to work wonders for wealth. Also, if kept in South, those fuel fame.
  • The health of the plants is very important. Keep them lush with vitality and prune away their wilting leaves.


The Feng Shui Garden

Many plants and flowers are considered significant and effective in Feng Shui.

A few of them are:

  • Jade - Jade is one the most important plants in Feng Shui. Its said to attract good luck and wealth and is best kept in the north of hthe residence or near the entrance of the office.
  • Money Plant - Money plant is another common and popular plant which finds place in all feng shui houses. Here the catch is that the shoot of the money plant shall always point upwards.
  • Bamboo Shoots - Another popular one is what we all know as the good luck plant, where a few bamboo shoots are tied together with a red ribbon in two or more rounds. The mantra is - two rounds for love, three for happiness and wealth and four for familial relationships.
  • The Snake Plant - The snake plant is said to be a good plant to have in the home, not just by Feng Shui Gurus but also by scientists as it has been proved that it absorbs many poisonous gases from the environment. Also as it releases moisture it is a must keep in dry regions.
  • Peace Lily - Another plant known for cleaning up our air is Peace Lily which absorbs poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene etc. and cleans up the air we breathe in.
  • Lily - Lilies are not just beautiful to look at but also believed to bring in harmony in relationships and have a calming effect on the owners of the house. Lilies are best kept either in living or meditation room.

I submit this here with the hope that this info brings in prosperity, health and cheer in our lives! Happy Feng Shui, Happy Gardening!

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