Don't By Cell Phones In Univer-Cell; Wanna Know Why? Just read below:Second Hand Cell-Phones!: The main reason you don't wanna buy cell phones in Univer-Cell is they all are second hand phones, shockingly!. And there is a whole big  business truth behind the scene. "The Quarter Exchange Trick" Wonder why the cell phones released in developed countries are not released at the same time here in our country and the developing country as well as the not developed country?!!?. The reason is the cell phones are released in 4 quarters. First Quarter(January-to-March): During the first quarter the cell phones are released in well-developed country like the American Nations, Japan... And when the consumers are not satisfied or they feel like they are using an out-of-date cell phone they sell it to those stores who buy second hand cell phones, and they reproduce those second-hand into new-look like cell phones and they keep in stock to sell in the next quarter or they export those cell phones to the developing countries or not well developed countries like the european countries! Second Quarter (April-to-June): Then the used mobile from the first quarter gets exported to the not well developed countries to be sold in the second quarter, the European countries are likely to be hold for the Second Quarter Mobile Phones. Some new mobiles will also be mixed in the sales with second hand phones from the first quarter.Note:  Not all the mobile phones are sold this way. Third Quarter (July-to-September): Eventually the mobiles used in the second quarter are sent to the countries like our country( India!). And we people happily buy anything    if we are to get  things free(like Rs.30/- Reebok T-shirt). So it is so easy for them to fool people like us. And Univer-Cell is likely one of them, all they sell us are the old mobile phones.( We Happily Buy Used-Mobile-Phones). Fourth Quarter ( October- to- December): During this quarter the second hand mobile phones from the third quarter are sent to the not developed countries, to be sold!.Univer-Cell: Make Sure You Never Buy A Cell Phone There! Why not buy a cell phone in Univer-Cell? 'Cause they are fraud,999%. Let me tell my true story: My w205: I bought a cell phone which was my first one actually, on october 2009 It's a Sony Ericsson w205, for Rs. 5250/-, now its available for a price of Rs.3250/- . They didn't let me check the mobile, i was allowed to check only after i bought the phone.( Man!, they are money eaters!). Then I went home. After reaching home just after 8 hours, I was checking my mobile how its functioning, I was terrified they gave me 1 GB memory card free. It was in the phone. When I checked the free space it showed only 500 MB, then i went directly to the Univer-Cell store, then they told me wait for a minute, I waited for 25 minutes, no reply came!. Then they told me they have to format the mobile phone and the memory card, and they "Master-reset" my cell phone without asking me, unfortunately I already loaded and changed some of the setting added message groups, but everything was formatted! 40 Complaints With The Mobile: Then after ten days I was really petrified, 'cause i had tons of faults and errors and hardware malfunction in the cell-phone i bought from Univer-Cell!. Then i made a list of complaints I had with that cell-phone, when i showed it( the list) to my friend they were totally shocked, they didn't believe me at all, then i had to show them the 40 errors  on the cell-phone,that i'd short-listed.  Then me and my buddies took the cellphone, the list of complaints to the Univer-Cell store, even they were totally shocked, they were pretty good actors, they asked me to pin the list of complaints to their customer service bill and the form. Nearly every worker in that could-for-nothing store were shocked. Then they told me to come after ten days so they would service my cell-phone, i asked why would it take ten days. They simply said that the mobile has to go to chennai, for the service, so only it takes time, that's all they said. After Ten Days: Then after ten days i went to the store, and they gave me my cell-phone before that i was asked to wait for 40 minutes( damn they really don't know how to treat customers!) then when i got my mobile from their dirty hand and saw my mobile screen, i was shocked again. The screen was so much scratched, blurred, destroyed, luckily i had my screen covered with a scratch pad worth Rs.120!. Then i asked what happened to my screen, and they said that "its nothing, the employee was using your mobile for some days", and i was shocked again. i mean how in the fucking hell , and who in the lords name gave authorization to USE  my mobile phone, they simply replied "Don't worry , your phone is working good now". And then i asked a scratch pad for my cell phone screen they said "its only  120 rupees sir you can buy that in the store outside",and i was driven outside!. What they call a SERVICE-LIST! So then again after ten days i had some battery problems. Note: Remember all this happened just in two months!. I went to the Univer-Cell store and i enquired them about the Services They've done to my cell-phone. They said they would give me a list of services that were done to my mobile and asked me to come after 10 days. Note: Remember every time i go to the store it costs me nearly 100 Rs. Then i went to their store again after ten days, but they said it would take another 10 days, then again after 10 days i went there, but the answer was same, i got a bit tensed and at high tone i asked them about the SERVICE LIST, then they told me they would mail to me e-mail ID, but still now i didn't get any mail from them, all this because of a second-hand mobile i bought from Univer-Cell. Another Friend Who Got "Served" pretty Bad: Without asking me my friend bought a Nokia 5800 from the Univer-Cell, actually this friend of mine is a pretty good genius, i don;'t know how the  he ended up in the that  SECOND HAND SELLING UNIVER-CELL store. He found out it was a second hand just in two days. Believe me there are loads and tons of ways to find out whether your phone is duplicate or original. He got screwed up pretty bad, the Nokia 5800 was malfunctioning, restarting itself and many more problems too. My advice is don't by cell phones from Univer-Cell,  cause still now i'm having problems with my w205, i "master-reset'd" a tons of times, still no good! Moreover the employees  in the Univer-Cell store suck, they dont respect you, I'm just telling you the  TRUTH. Remember: Don't Lose Money For the waste piece of (s)crap from UNIVER-CELL!

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