The car insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance in India. It is admittedly not an individual insurance, but the generic term for five different types. 

Liability insurance is the only compulsory in Germany and also in most countries of the world. Without liability insurance, should the holder of a car, not participating in road transport. This car insurance used to cover any damage to cars or persons who caused the insured. It takes absolutely no damage to the car, but will only prevent the person gets the money if he has suffered an accident or something similar. 

The other hand, comprehensive insurance to protect their car. Here we distinguish between partial and full insurance. The partial coverage focuses on natural damage by fire, storms or animals. However here the car insurance can still impose its own catalog, which losses are covered and which not. Also, the partial coverage of prey covered by. But not damage it suffered during the self-inflicted accidents. These are covered by the Comprehensive exclusively. Up to evil intent and gross negligence does the Comprehensive any damage and is therefore the most comprehensive vehicle insurance. The Riders are required in roadworthy condition to keep his car. 

The services of protection does that may arise in the course of an accident or breakdown. This includes the breakdown, the direct supply of spare parts to the place of breakdown or, ultimately, the towing service. Incurring any additional costs, such as stay on site and repair in a workshop, will also be paid. The best known is the insurer of safe-ADAC. 

The Personal Insurance is a modified version of the accident. Since here the insured area is delimited clearly, that is the insurance of the affected inmates fall, the contributions from smaller than a normal accident. 

The last car insurance is the legal traffic backup. This assumes any costs that you may in any proceedings, if you in court because of an accident or other road violations must.


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