Luxury cars that are sold in India by Toyota include the Camry, the Fortuner, the Land Cruiser Prado and the Land Cruiser.

camryThe Toyota Camry is one of the largest selling cars in the big American market.It is a large sedan with enough room for five adults and quite luxuriously appointed, despite its mass market roots.The 167 bhp four cylinder petrol engine is refined and behaves like a big V6 while hauling the Camry.Both manual,as well as automatic versions are available with the latter trifle slower to reach the 100 kph mark (it is adequately quick on most occassions though).It is an expensive car (since it is not assembled in Insia) and that explains the smaller number of it on Indian roads.

The Fortuner is a runway success story for Toyota.It has got the SUV look coveted by the buyers and underpinnings that can tackle bad terrain.What mars the experience ever so slightly, is the fact that the Fortuner borrows heavily from the Innova interior.Power for the Fortuner comes from a revamped Innova diesel engine that now develops 168 bhp and is good for keeping 100 kph runs in less than 13 seconds.The all wheel drive in system works like a dream too.There are two Land Cruisers on sale in India-the Prado,which is narrower and primarily meant for city use (with great off-road credentials) and the real article,the Land Cruiser Amazon.While the former with a V6 engine is all that you need, it is the Land Cruiser mothership that you want to go for, if your calling is going around the world or criss-cross the sub-continent on work.In simple terms, the Land Cruiser is one of the most capable cars produced in the world today.

The price range

Toyota Camry: Rs 22.5 to 25 lakh

Toyota Fortuner: Rs 19.5 lakh

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: Rs 45 lakh

Toyota Land Cruiser: Rs 85 lakh

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