BMW considers 1916 to be its founding year-the  year when BFW (Bayerishce Flugzeugwerke, the aircraft maker) was formed.BMWBMW 7 series acquired BFW in 1922.The blue and white badge of BMW carries the Bavarian colours, though, some imaginative advertising launched a thought process that it was a fast moving propeller seen against the blue sky.Here we can check out BMW's luxury cars,i.e, car range in India.
The starting point is the BMW 3 series-the small and sporty sedan that is every inch a BMW when it comes to driving dynamics.The current 3-series has been around since 2004 but it received a facelift last year.The base model 320i may not deliver the kicks-for that you need the 325i powered by the classic in-line six cylinder petrol engine.Even more quick and better overall value is the 320 diesel (in highline trim) that can outrun its petrol cousin.While, great looks, quality of bits and prestige is guaranteed,what is not,is a comfortable ride on anything less than perfect roads.For best results, you get behind the wheel and fire the chauffeur!
If there are great deals to be had in 5 series, credit goes to an all new car that is about to be unleashed .The current line up is incredible, though, with the base 520d offering all the room, comfort, and reasonable pep without compromising on economy.The straight six-cylinder engines of the 520i and 530i offer sterling perfomance that compliment the overall agility and dynamics of the 5 series platform.The best car in the line up,however,got to be the 530d which offers 232 bhp perfomance (compared to the 255 bhp of the 530i).
The BMW 7 series can stake claim as the best car in the whole world as we speak since the competition from Mercedes-Benz is relatively old and the all new Audi A8 is yet to reach Indian shores.Four climate zones, i-Drive for front and rear passengers, individual rear seat settings and the best interior trim this side of Copacabana Palace Hotel means the 7 series is at the top of the luxury-sedan chain.The 730Ld features a 3 litre diesel engine that is good enough for 245 bhp-this is what you need if you are going to enjoy the rear seat comfort most of the time.But if you are the sort who would love to drive on Sunday mornings, then you need the 750Li with that stonking 407 bhp, turbocharged V8.Not satisfied? Dish out Rs 1.25 crore and you can get yourself a 760 Li that features a 12 cylinder silky smooth engine.Mind you, these are the cars that form the basis for the next-generation Rolls-Royces!
If it is the SUVs that rocks your boat, then, you need the BMW X3 and X5 with all-new X1 joining the fleet soon.The second generation X5 is a very large machine that belies its height and weight when it comes to delivering class leading handling and performance.The X3 is narrower and  suits smaller towns and suburban streets with narrower roads.

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