we all know that we can't use fossil fuels as the time has arrived when fossil fuels are on the verge of extinction. Now we have to do something about the fuels so that we can maintain the hustle- bustle of our life. Now the new generation of efficient and super cars has arrived. As we all know that now-a-days, the electric cars are becoming the lifeline of mega cities. But electricity is produced by the burning of fossil fuels and pollution created by the nuclear reactors. The only way to solve this problem is to plant wind power generators and solar panels especially in sandy and desert areas. There are many countries who are using the scientific methods like solar panels which converts the solar energy into electrical energy. But can create is a bit problem for people. The main thing is that it could make our pockets tight as it will increase the consumption of electricity bill.

There are many other ways to create our home-made and agricultural diesel. Unlike developing countries like India and China, it has been seen that the developed countries are using fuel efficient tools for generation of cars. The recycling of cars is the main source of diesel for us. As we all know the steel and metal of cars are recycled to make new cars. But the remaining plastics, fibers, etc. are the components to make ethanol diesel. The components are passed through thermal expansion and the liquid formed is the ethanol from diesel. One other way is that we can make ethanol from the leaves of soybean but it cannot give us high mileage. But it doesn't create a single percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Now I want to tell you about the new Hybrid water cars. We all know that Hybrid stands for the car which runs on hydrogen. There are two ways of using hydrogen to run the cars. Firstly way, hydrogen can combusted in engine to run the car and in another way, the hydrogen helps to create chemical reaction in hydrogen cell which is used to give the electricity which runs the engine or the car. But now this car will run on water. When the battery of car sends current in the water, hydrogen will go in the cell to run the engine and oxygen will go back in the atmosphere. So this could be a way out.

Now the well known great scientists and engineers are transforming the free fuel car powered by solar panels which will engage solar power generations to power the car. The well known Ferrari Tesla version is going to sell their car this year. There are many cars in which all of the devices or the car-parts present in the car works on electrical energy.

Now, the last future car car remains. This is also a free fuel car named 'Air Car'. What is amazing in it is that a generator is installed which takes air from the atmosphere and compress it to move the piston to run the car. So, we don't have to worry about the fossil fuels as our scientists do their best to make our life comfortable.

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